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The Internet Gold Rush from MFN Network will create a rush of traffic much like these miners pictured from the great gold rush of 1849!  Would you rather sit at your clean desk using your computer, or get in the grime and use a pick and shovel?  Haven't we come a long way in how to build wealth or make money or obtain gold?

The current state of the world's economic affairs dictates that you have a way and a program to obtain real gold and silver now!

In this low cost to begin project, you can earn huge cash flow and use that cash flow to strategically obtain gold and silver!

Maybe you have lost a job or your business is in decline!  This simple project can replace an income at hardly no risk!  Isn't that refreshing?

Get huge income reselling with us now! Bring a huge rush of traffic to any project or product you have and turn a small investment into an enormous income!  Affiliate with this cash generating system now!

Build a $20 one time spend into $200 to $1000 a day in just weeks!  This is not MLM or gifting, and you depend on no one else but yourself. We mentor you at every step and show you what to do.

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A System to Show You How to Get Traffic!

If we can't get your traffic up, no one can!

From Greg Nichols, Owner of The MFN Group:

Special Bonus Price: 3 products for 1 price!

Get the Internet Gold Rush product, a training system to obtain traffic!  In the system, we also educate you to gold and silver ownership, we show you how to leverage into a system of bigger products, and we provide you a plan to easily turn your income from this system into gold and silver coin investments, or you can simply live on the cash and pay bills with it also!

Get 2 other products today, for a limited time offer,

"Stealth Internet Marketing" and "How To Write Hot, Sizzling, Email Ad Copy!"

Stealth Internet Marketing:  This product shows you my Traffic Swarm secrets and how to maximize the huge Traffic Swarm system for the biggest amount of traffic.  $14.95 Value

How to Write Hot, Sizzling, Email Ad Copy!: This product shows you using words in a clever ways and the art of influence through your words, headlines, subject lines and much more!  $19.95 Value

Also Included:  Gold and Silver strategies, an honest dealer and broker to assist you, a plan to get you cash in your hands to buy huge gold and silver investments, my marketing letter which you receive as you answer your referrer's invite to join a free association of marketers with ongoing cash flow and traffic tips.

From Greg Nichols, Owner:

Get 3 Gold Rushes In 1:

  • Using our system, learn how to create a rush of traffic to any project!
  • With our system, see people rush to this project!
  • With our system, get real gold like the great gold rush!

In addition to sharing gold rush type traffic, including PPC helps, safelist helps, free resources, and more, I will show you how to make $200 to $1000 a day  using Clickbank, using my products, and gaining access to an age old precious commodity, gold!  Then, as your cash flow increases, I show you how to build into a larger cash system even yet, and how and where to invest in gold and silver coins with a known expert!  

At the Internet Gold Rush, this simple product feeds into an enormous and larger system of unlimited income!

I am going to assume you have a great project or product already. I am assuming you have lead capture, a great follow up system, and a high quality website. Since you have all that, I am sure you probably have the most common problem of all Internet marketers! That is the problem of traffic. Your site is all dressed up with no one to show. This is where my particular expertise comes in, in getting traffic. If you had enough traffic today, your marketing problems would be over!

At The Internet Gold Rush, we show you powerful rotator techniques, PPC techniques, and other search engine, keyword, and ad content techniques that will begin your gold rush of traffic flow. We will give you a formula to pull the right content from your project or product to help you find your target audience.

We get into your hands what the heavy hitters know and what they do!

This is a day of destiny for you, as you have found a gold mine here!  This is based on what it teaches and what project it leads you to!


Purchase the Internet Gold Rush here and resell it too for 60% commissions! 

Use this system to earn funds quickly, even hourly to finance your other Internet projects and to build all your projects! 

Why order the Internet Gold Rush!!

My name is Greg Nichols, and I am an Internet marketer who began in 1998 before Internet marketing was like it is today. I am also a real estate broker, an investor, an author, an ordained minister, and an Internet entrepreneur. My goal and my desire is to be open and honest and forthright in business.  I do not believe in outlandish claims or lies to get you hooked to follow my system.  If wealth, or huge incomes or a lasting, solid program has eluded you until now, I suggest you read all of the below information. You will be shocked, pleasantly.  In this product, I share how the biggest income earners online do it, and give you step by step instructions, with loads of practical helps! 

I show you how to think outside the box, and free yourself from expected norms of thinking!  Thinking outside the box can catapult you into mega income fast!  I have a bi-monthly mentoring letter that you will want to read too, as it keeps updating newer cutting edge parts to the system!  This is an ongoing product! 

There is millions to be made online, and it all seems to be going to the same people over and over! Why is that? That is because they have found out some of the stuff I will show you here! 

Some of the most highly successful people online are spending big bucks to make huge money, and we can show you how they do it, but we will also show you how to begin for little expense, and build up to it.  It is easy once you know a few simple principles.

A Real Internet Gold Rush!

I live about 70 miles from Coloma, California, where the first gold rush began.

Who wants an Internet Gold Rush and then experience an online explosion of people much like the great California Gold Rush of 1849? Now, based out of California again, here is the Internet Gold Rush - a simple marketing program from The MFN Group!

You get:

1)  The Internet Gold Rush! (A $99.95 Product Itself!) -This is an introduction to many principles of ad writing, customer emotions, rotators, PPC, (pay per click) search engines, blogs, safelists, referral marketing, duplication, wealth and a thorough explanation of how people position themselves to earn millions online and how your own Internet Gold Rush can happen for you. Insider secrets of marketing and what can be achieved are all shared.  This could also easily be called "The First, Middle and Final Steps to Become an Online Millionaire!"  But this is not too heady, it is practical and we can show you a fast track to be up and running in one half hour!

2)  Make a Fortune With Auto-Responders (A $15 Value) - Learn the principle of using auto-responders, how and where to get a good one, and why they help you build soundly and quickly!

3) Using Instant Messengers, writing better emails, and understand the Internet as an opportunity as it is compared to the great gold rush!

4)  How to use rotators properly, which ones to use, and, several free ones you may join!

5)  Location of 25 Free Safelists

6)  How to set up PPC, (Pay Per Click) with Google and Yahoo!

7)  Some search engine ranking ideas and strategies!

8)  A marketing report on safelist marketing!

9)  The right to resell this product with specific instructions on how to maximize the commissions we pay you and leverage to other products we have!  You obtain an invite to a free association of marketers where you receive ongoing traffic and cash flow training in my routine marketing letter.


10) As an additional free bonus, you can get Stealth Internet Marketing, a $14.95 value! 

11) One more bonus, get How To Write Hot Sizzling Email Ad Copy, we are marketing that for $19.95 right now! 

Get $149.85 worth of value here for much lower!  This value packed purchase gets you a step closer to a real online Internet income that may have eluded you until now. This is truly the last project you will ever market and the 1st step towards Internet wealth today!

We feel we could charge $120 for this package, or even $99 as it is that high quality and valuable. 

If we charged you $89.95 for this product with all it does you'd be ahead with 2 sales. 

But it is lower!  How about $49.95 for the package? Are we getting close or below what you perceive the value is?  You will receive multi faceted helps and ideas, you can market this product for commissions and you can get any project going you have, but most of all, we show you how to sell our system here and how to sell a handful of things that earn you $200 and more up to $1000 (or more) DAILY while showing you methods to get traffic for your favorite project.

OK Greg, so how much is it?

On sale, today....

for a limited time,

start your own

Internet Gold Rush,

take charge of

your destiny, and

purchase for....

Only $20.00 one time cost, plus 60% resell commissions, and start your own Internet Gold Rush Today!


Earn $200 to $1000 daily - there is a huge Internet out there and billions of dollars being spent every hour! Get your share of traffic!  At MFN Network, we show you how to take this Internet Gold Rush product and use the training in it to work with us further for bigger commissions which you can invest into gold!! 

This is simply our $20 entry 1 level reseller, once you order and come inside our system we have more products to go up a leverage ladder with us! However, if you only spend $20 on this product, you can earn $$$ daily with our system and see how to begin to invest in gold and silver, plus how to gain huge traffic to your site!

If you resell with us, you use Clickbank with new link shield encrypted links, and you get instant tracking upon every sale.

You also get the following:

Get paid a check every 2 weeks!

Gain access to the rest of the program!

Get access to a gold and silver expert!

Open a cash flow valve above you that spits cash at you!

By the end of the year, you can have cash in the bank or have huge gold and silver assets.  We have 3 different products you can leverage into for only $20 and be earning $1000+ weekly in a very short time!

Once you pay for your product, your referrer will send you the URL of the free association of marketers where you will receive my routine marketing letters on how to create huge cash flow and traffic.

(This is a single level reseller program!)

This system is Biblically based and our conference calls get right to the point!  We do several conference calls a week, go read about them at the link!

IGR Conference/Training Calls!


Go For It Now For Only $20.00!

Order this now for $20.00 at Clickbank

and get 3 products in one!!

Important Note:  Do not hijack the Clickbank link or cause your referrer of this product to not get credit. If you do so, your will not get the next step and product which is not marketed openly but only to secondary insider customers of ours.  You will also not get the free marketing letter which is able to help you with more traffic. We will also do random checks and people who cut out their referrer will be blocked from our free association. With hundreds a day potential, do not risk it for a few dollars. 

Resell this entry part of our system for 60% commission! Reseller info is at the back office!

Order This Now For $20.00!

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