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Common Sense For A New Millennium

If You Never Received Christ!

A Statement Of Unity!

The intriguing and thriller Christian novel "An American Millennium: Common Sense, may be found at



 Publisher’s Corner   

In 1998, I began a political essay with biblical overtones, about America.  Our nation was going through a scandal, from the White House, and was terribly split apart into two or three factions politically.  I wrote the patriotic essay, Common Sense for A New Millennium, and then I wrote a fictional novel to introduce it.  The novel was called An American Millennium: Common Sense.   In the novel, a searching, unsaved college professor faces a nightmare at the hands of domestic terrorists, and must rely on new faith, a hard-nosed cop, a computer expert, a man of God, and a lady news reporter to help him stay off the fall of America, and the destruction of his family.  See how God helps them, as they face an evil tide in a fictional America.

You may read the beginning of the essay below, and then finish at the web link that is provided.  You may also read the novel at the provided link below also.  You can print it out or read it on your monitor.   The novel and essay were from 1998-99, and the nation was in trouble.  People also were concerned about Y2K, the computer issue.  Most would like to forget that.  But why forget?  We need to remember our folly and our fears, so we may not repeat them.  At that time, at the end of the last millennium, people were cynical about America, especially our young people.  The 9/11 attack sobered Americans from cynicism and brought a new respect and appreciation for our nation, and its founders.  The essay and novel remembers, honors and re-educates about an obscure founding father, who was quite bold, rebellious and ahead of his time, Thomas Paine, the author of Common Sense, in 1776.  It also shines light of his ideals upon today's American problems.

White Fields Ezine has a huge International following.  If you are not American, please bear with me as I write about America.  It may help you to see us in a different light.  I brag quite a bit, but I try to write truthfully at all times.  If you are American, this essay and novel can help you with political, historical, and biblical insights all at the same time.  We will be back soon in coming weeks with the conclusion to "The Ascent Of Man."   Before we get to the essay below, I want to remark on freedom in America.  America has severe needs right now spiritually, but I still believe God is with her, and He is working on her.   Listen to these quotes:


"The highest glory of the American Revolution was this, it connected in one indissoluble bond, the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity."   John Quincy Adams

"It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ."  Patrick Henry

"It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible."  George Washington

"To my Creator I resign myself, humbly confiding in His goodness and in his mercy through Jesus Christ for the events of eternity."   John Dickinson  (signer of the Constitution)


The Apostle Paul writes, "where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty."   I, the Publisher of White Fields Ezine, submit to you today, in 2003, that God showed up first before this nation was formed and created its liberty and freedom in the minds of our founding fathers.  The American experiment had a huge purpose:  to show the whole world a nation founded upon God, and the ultimate freedom of eternity in Heaven.  America is then a simple but deeply significant symbol of God's purposes for all men, their freedom from the bondage of sin, and their freedom to dwell in this Kingdom, while yet on Earth, and for eternity in Heaven.  I implore you not to miss this message from God, sent through America and her greatness, coded into our government, and woven into our freedom. 

Greg Nichols 

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Common Sense For A New Millennium

copyright 1999, Greg Nichols

To The Inhabitants Of The United States Of America,

  "One Nation, Under God, With Liberty And Justice For All."


"Common sense is not so common at all."



(All quotations taken from the original Common Sense are exactly quoted)




Section 1


Introduction - Thomas Paine once wrote a brilliant essay that moved early Americans and he called it “Common Sense.”  Thomas Paine’s essay of radical ideals formulated the concerns and thoughts of many of his fellow countrymen and contemporaries.  I have had a dream for years of a modern essay of American thought, an ideological and stirring call to renewed patriotism, not based on short term emotional highs, but based on intelligent thoughts and laid down on paper as many of our forefathers did.  The essay would not serve to formulate a new set of ideals, but to give voice to many popular and unspoken ideals and opinions held by many Americans.  I have attempted to go back in history and solicit the help of the patriot, Thomas Paine, in quoting some of his ideals, as they could apply to some of our modern problems.  These following ideals are not original, but are ones passed from generation to generation.  This author cannot claim credit for any brilliant thoughts, but can follow others in agreeing we have a most brilliant ideology at the base of our nation.  The following is what I hope many will agree to as “common sense” for our nation. Time and space have not permitted me to expound fully on certain subjects, but a follow up essay is in the making.


                We have a new millennium approaching fast, and there is both excitement and foreboding at the same time.  The excitement of new horizons in technology, a clean new century to embark upon with the information age, the possibility of peace and prosperity to strive for, and the look back at what we have come through together.  Americans have reasons for unity and brotherhood like no other time in history.  Any foreboding of the future comes from uncertain economic upheaval worldwide, internal political difficulties that seem insurmountable, crime, school shootings, racism, international and domestic terrorist activity, resurfacing of nuclear threats in some smaller countries, computer bug uncertainty, medical crisis with unknown viruses and epidemics, a high cancer rate, and recent political scandals and fallout.  Americans have been through quite a bit, and are still going through some things, but wouldn't pulling together with some patriotic unity be great on the launching of the new millennium?  We could go through anything if we pulled together as we did in World War 2.  The cynics say we can't.  They say we have wandered too far off track. They say we have a new generation that doesn't care.  But although we may be a little spoiled and pampered from years of complacency, I don't believe America is in decline or that God is done with America.  And I don't believe America has lost the spirit and the grit it once needed to obtain its original independence.  Liberty and freedom are words that remind us of our school text books,  or words of theory to be remembered on holidays like the 4th of July, but we must not stray so far as to forget the meanings of those words, and how they apply to each citizen in every day life.


                This essay is offered to remind us to appreciate our freedoms, and is meant to be a strategic millennium benchmark to the nation.  It is offered to ignite a remembrance and renewal of American thought based on the thoughts and words that one of our founding fathers had at the birth of our great nation.  Our nation was not an accidental birth; the American experience had been waiting to happen for centuries.  The world needed a freedom leader like America, and there was a national destiny that was to be stepped up to, to be launched, and to be fulfilled.  Providential guidance brought all the players into place, and Divine Inspiration was evident in the leaders of the new nation. Could it be that as emotions are high, over the great passing away of a thousand years, that there will be an open window through which to insert great thoughts to again stir the nation to appreciation of its principles of freedom? 


                As we pass into the new Millennium, what words can be found that will re-ignite fires of passion and patriotism in Americans?  What can remind us of the lives and the blood and the sweat that were given to insure this land of liberty to us?  Did our pioneering forefathers do such a great job on crafting and engineering this great nation that we, in the latter generations, are doomed to lost passion and complacency for all time?  I think not!  But what or who do we look to for inspiration?  Can it be that Divine Providence will again guide us to our origins, to some of the ideals of earlier times, to rekindle a lost fire?  Many early patriots set forth strong principles and ideals to give an understanding of freedom, and freedom the way it was to be possessed.  Many of the heroes are well known, but one of them stands out in my thinking as a great spokesman of liberty, and yet, he got no great acclaim as did Jefferson, or Washington, or Franklin.  He died in relative obscurity.  Who is this national hero whose personality I see rocketing through the two short centuries and bearing down on time at the dawn of the third century and first  new millennium of our nation? 


                I'd like to take a moment to give you a proper introduction to Thomas Paine.  Many of us possibly remember him from our 7th or 8th grade study of American History or Civics.  He was best known for his release of a well timed essay during revolutionary times.  I am by no means the foremost Thomas Paine expert in this country, and there are some.  There even exists a Thomas Paine Society where enthusiasts band together to swap ideas inspired by Thomas Paine.  Thomas Paine was a rebel of sorts, and he came along when this infant of a nation was in need of a rebel. From every account I've read, Thomas Paine had an abrasive personality.  He had only been in the colonies a few months before writing his ingenious and famous essay, “Common Sense.”  I believe he was looking for a good fight.  He had a pet peeve with spoiled kings and pampered aristocrats. Individually, he could tolerate them.  However, when they were in control of public policy and lorded their positions over the common man, that is when Paine took exception.  Here was his opportunity to give some of them black eyes, so to speak, while at the same time furthering the spread of the ideals of liberty and democracy into the Earth.  The new colonies, which were discontent with mother England, were the perfect vehicle of opportunity and an open doorway for Thomas Paine's ambitious undertakings.  I will give you an example of how ambitious Thomas Paine was.  After his famous “Common Sense” writing, that virtually changed the entire course of new colonial thought, Paine later went to France and did the same thing there with another essay. How much of the French Revolution was directly linked to an essay by Paine?  There is no way to know for sure.  Just the same, Paine impassioned our nation to patriotism and revolution.  For that, Americans owe him a debt of gratitude.      


                In 1776, Paine, a young and idealistic Englishman, who had only been in the colonies 4 months, released "Common Sense."  This writing sparked hope and motivation in the early Americans to throw off their oppressors and take on the battle for independence.  This man's success could be considered timing and chance, but what was on his heart to share was to go down in history as one of the most important American documents ever.  Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense at a time when the new fledgling country was explosive and freedom was a dream.  Great patriots like Washington, Jefferson and Franklin were already meeting as Paine was busy penning his document in the late night hours. The document was written no doubt through the winter of 1775 and released in January of 1776, a very strategic point in history.  Common Sense was aptly named, and full of common sense, and the pep talk it gave was all the patriots needed to fuel their movement to a higher level.  Paine first had it published anonymously, but later took credit for it.  I believe he was being the idealist in practice that he preached in theory to try an anonymous publishing, because no man has a corner on the thoughts and principles of liberty and freedom.  I believe that is what he was trying to say.  He may have also had concerns about British retribution if the revolt was not a success.  The pamphlet was a sell-out when it was released, and blacksmiths, farmers, statesmen, and the poor and wealthy alike, all sat and poured over the long pages of philosophical thought.  I am sure it was the topic of many discussions over a glass of ale, a warm fire, or a good meal.  The ideologies shared on freedom and self-government were like balm poured into open wounds; they were words of hope, words encouragement, and words of a battle cry, that people were drawn to. 


                What was so inspiring about “Common Sense?”  What magic did Paine tap into?  What moved a whole nation to take action?  What could inspire a complacent people to action in the early colonies?  An equally good question would be: what could inspire America in 1999, at the eve of the new millennium, to new patriotism and concern, to unity and love for America?  We must be inspired and encouraged at the most individual level if we are to have positive effect and growth as a whole nation.  A body in harmony is one where each of its cells are in harmony.   Paine tapped into the dreams of generations of mankind, into the dream of freedom.  Paine found himself in the right place at the right time.  He had ambition, but he also had great ideals.  Having been familiar with and inspired by the writings of John Locke, an earlier British philosopher,  Paine had the literary insights on freedom to step forward and help shape a destiny for a country that seemed to be of Divine Providence.


But today, we are free.  And if we are, then what can make us appreciate freedom?  It is now like the air we breathe.  We don't have to think about it unless we are about to lose it.  Many war veterans have a great appreciation of freedom, having seen peoples and nations where there is none.  But as time progresses, we have fewer people who have ever had to defend our nation.  I never served in the military, and never fought for this country.  I was too young for Viet Nam, and too old for the gulf war.  There are so many just like me.  I am not saying that being in war is an answer to appreciating freedom.  I am sure that all would agree that we should be taught what we have and love and appreciate  through the channels of learning, for it is intelligent thought that truly is at the base of the building blocks of civilized society.  Learning from scholars and patriots from times past is an excellent way for Americans to raise their level of existence to a higher standard.  It is that learning, with the addition of values, that form these civilized foundational blocks.  For if we are intelligent, but we are valueless and don't care, then what we know cannot serve us.  Values add the 3rd dimension to 2 dimensional thinking.  I will define values as having an understanding of right and wrong, and knowing that right and wrong are absolutes, as given by God Himself.  Most right and wrong issues are tied to the regard and esteem we hold for our fellow man and living in harmony with other members of society.  If we are to come into a new appreciation of freedom, we must have a catalyst or a catapult to send us there.  So learning of freedom and the principles behind it are essential to appreciating it, but learning the right and the wrong way to live together in society is the grease in the gears of harmony, advancement, and progress.   That is the essence of values, and their importance. 


"Men being, as has been said, by nature all free, equal, and independent, no one can be put out of this estate and subjected to the political power of another without his own consent, which is done by agreeing with other men, to join and unite into a community for their comfortable, safe, and peaceable living, one amongst another, in a secure enjoyment of their properties, and a greater security against any that are not of it. "

                                                                                            John Locke  1690 AD

                                                                   Essay "Concerning Civil Government"


                A society that is prospering and in harmony is the type of country our founding fathers envisioned.  "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" are creed words penned in the great document "The Declaration of Independence," and we now need more than ever this kind of thinking given to us over two hundred years ago.  The attitudes of our own citizens will be the strongest insulator against external or internal attack, and the best insurance of a strong future for America. So with that in mind, I offer another common sense writing, hopefully offering the current generation of Americans common sense, just as Paine's document and essay was common sense to his generation.  I ask one indulgence of any reader.  Many views will be expressed, and if you disagree on one or two of them, do not throw out the whole essay.  The beauty of America is unity and individualism, with tolerance for opposing views.  Let’s come together on what can be agreed on, and purpose with an open mind to at least give ear to opposing views in a positive manner, appreciating freedom of speech and expression, for it is both sides of debate that give the one side its unique significance, and its strength of conviction.  If you can’t agree with something, simply catalog and shelve it for a time, but don’t release a barrage of disgust and hate if it doesn’t line up with your view of things.  I will do the same for you!


                We have rumblings of discontent in America, and many think our system is not working. Many would like to see a new way, with the same free principles, but with different applications. But this author believes we are a great nation, and we are on the right track, and we have only just begun.  For those who feel we must dismantle our country and put it together differently, they certainly must realize that we are still in a growth state of finding our national identity, and we are still in awe of this great political entity and body of people.  No person on Earth can say America has not worked, because  it is an infant, no, a teenager, and its world destiny has not been fully realized even yet.  Did Thomas Paine believe we had a great opportunity, and that America as a nation would go far with success?  Listen to his words:


"We have it in our power to begin the world over again.  A situation similar to the present, hath not appeared since the days of Noah until now.  The birth-day of a new world is at hand, and a race of men perhaps as numerous as all Europe contains, are to receive their portion of freedom from the event of a few months."

                                                                        Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776


                Paine was being insightful, because we surpassed Europe in power and in strength ages ago.  America was and is a huge project, and a sacred one.  Rumblings must be silenced, by those who grumble, and the old thoughts must give way to respect and awe of what we have been given.  The world was ripe for a new kind of nation to form in the 1700's, and that is just like yesterday in the annals of Earthly time.  America is a world leader not because she is strong, although she is, but rather because she is based on strong principles.  I believe America has had the envy and respect of the world, or at least those who know and subscribe to the truth about her.  The truth is that we as Americans live in great peace and freedom, with great comfort brought on by the great achievements that only a free society could have obtained.  No other nation possesses such a unique identity and status.  Then, the rest of the world has  borrowed our breakthroughs and achievements, with our blessings, thereby raising their quality of life and comfort also.  This was America's destiny, and it still is, to lead and guide other nations in progress and idealism and to be a light to all the world.  Freedom fighters all around the world hope and pray to duplicate what we have built here.  Young revolutionaries in China have recently stated and displayed this. 


                Notice we call America "her."   America has the essence of female characteristics.  But what husband does not consider his wife the most stable part of his life, the balancing factor, the one who helps give him wisdom and inspiration to excel in life?  In the Bible, God calls wisdom "her."   America is put into a class with wisdom, but we see this as born out to be true, because no person on Earth could ever conceive of a greater "wise" achievement than the formation and founding of America.  America has been a stabilizing player to the whole world, giving balance of ideals like human rights, and freedom, to the rest of the world. 


"The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.  Many circumstances hath, and will arise, which are not local, but universal, and through which the principles of all Lovers of Mankind are affected, and in the Event of which, their Affections are interested."

                                                                 Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776



                America has always come to the aid of the oppressed around the world.  This is based on principles that we, as a nation, are founded on.  If we ignore violations of human rights, then we ignore and deny our own freedom and humane ways as a country.  Let us not be weak in this area. If we tearfully watch historical atrocities committed by men like Hitler against Jews, and we pound our fists and say, if I were alive then, I would have done something, but we do not act now in our generation, for oppressed people anywhere in the world, then our claims are hypocritical. Anywhere there is genocide, that is brought to our attention, we must take a lead and act fast so that mass slaughter of races and nationalities of people never occurs again.  We are a world leader because we care about the brotherhood of man and our oppressed neighbors worldwide.  Currently, we have acted in Kosovo, and our motivation has been one of rescue.  We need great wisdom as to when to act and when not to act.  But if we make a solid decision that we will not allow violations of human rights worldwide, our citizens can get behind fast action more easily, and our President and Congress can move with more unity in the matter.

  You have just read "Common Sense For A New Millennium" Part 1.  If you wish to read Parts 2-7, you may go to this link and read them for free:  http://www.themfngroup.com/commonsense1-7.htm

The intriguing and thriller Christian novel "An American Millennium: Common Sense, may be found at



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