Common Sense For A New Millennium

copyright 1999, Greg Nichols

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Common Sense For  A New Millennium Essay (You are here)

The following is an excerpt from An American Millennium: Common Sense!


“This charred disk flew into the air some 200 feet in height and caught a wind current like a frisbee.  The only copy of Common Sense For A New Millennium sailed up into the atmosphere as if it had a mind of its own, finding air currents to keep it spinning onward and upward.  As the propelled object rode the air currents, it traveled about half a mile and landed at the feet of an airport luggage porter.  The man picked it up, and it was still warm.  He heard all the sirens,  and figured the object in his hands was possibly related to the great boom he had heard.  He stuffed it in his coat pocket and went about his work.”


We have reprinted Justin's essay here exactly as it was preserved from destruction,

and ran in  The American Tribune.





To The Inhabitants Of The United States Of America,

  "One Nation, Under God, With Liberty And Justice For All."


"Common sense is not so common at all."



(All quotations taken from the original Common Sense are exactly quoted)




Section 1


Introduction - Thomas Paine once wrote a brilliant essay that moved early Americans and he called it “Common Sense.”  Thomas Paine’s essay of radical ideals formulated the concerns and thoughts of many of his fellow countrymen and contemporaries.  I have had a dream for years of a modern essay of American thought, an ideological and stirring call to renewed patriotism, not based on short term emotional highs, but based on intelligent thoughts and laid down on paper as many of our forefathers did.  The essay would not serve to formulate a new set of ideals, but to give voice to many popular and unspoken ideals and opinions held by many Americans.  I have attempted to go back in history and solicit the help of the patriot, Thomas Paine, in quoting some of his ideals, as they could apply to some of our modern problems.  These following ideals are not original, but are ones passed from generation to generation.  This author cannot claim credit for any brilliant thoughts, but can follow others in agreeing we have a most brilliant ideology at the base of our nation.  The following is what I hope many will agree to as “common sense” for our nation. Time and space have not permitted me to expound fully on certain subjects, but a follow up essay is in the making.


                We have a new millennium approaching fast, and there is both excitement and foreboding at the same time.  The excitement of new horizons in technology, a clean new century to embark upon with the information age, the possibility of peace and prosperity to strive for, and the look back at what we have come through together.  Americans have reasons for unity and brotherhood like no other time in history.  Any foreboding of the future comes from uncertain economic upheaval worldwide, internal political difficulties that seem insurmountable, crime, school shootings, racism, international and domestic terrorist activity, resurfacing of nuclear threats in some smaller countries, computer bug uncertainty, medical crisis with unknown viruses and epidemics, a high cancer rate, and recent political scandals and fallout.  Americans have been through quite a bit, and are still going through some things, but wouldn't pulling together with some patriotic unity be great on the launching of the new millennium?  We could go through anything if we pulled together as we did in World War 2.  The cynics say we can't.  They say we have wandered too far off track. They say we have a new generation that doesn't care.  But although we may be a little spoiled and pampered from years of complacency, I don't believe America is in decline or that God is done with America.  And I don't believe America has lost the spirit and the grit it once needed to obtain its original independence.  Liberty and freedom are words that remind us of our school text books,  or words of theory to be remembered on holidays like the 4th of July, but we must not stray so far as to forget the meanings of those words, and how they apply to each citizen in every day life.


                This essay is offered to remind us to appreciate our freedoms, and is meant to be a strategic millennium benchmark to the nation.  It is offered to ignite a remembrance and renewal of American thought based on the thoughts and words that one of our founding fathers had at the birth of our great nation.  Our nation was not an accidental birth; the American experience had been waiting to happen for centuries.  The world needed a freedom leader like America, and there was a national destiny that was to be stepped up to, to be launched, and to be fulfilled.  Providential guidance brought all the players into place, and Divine Inspiration was evident in the leaders of the new nation. Could it be that as emotions are high, over the great passing away of a thousand years, that there will be an open window through which to insert great thoughts to again stir the nation to appreciation of its principles of freedom? 


                As we pass into the new Millennium, what words can be found that will re-ignite fires of passion and patriotism in Americans?  What can remind us of the lives and the blood and the sweat that were given to insure this land of liberty to us?  Did our pioneering forefathers do such a great job on crafting and engineering this great nation that we, in the latter generations, are doomed to lost passion and complacency for all time?  I think not!  But what or who do we look to for inspiration?  Can it be that Divine Providence will again guide us to our origins, to some of the ideals of earlier times, to rekindle a lost fire?  Many early patriots set forth strong principles and ideals to give an understanding of freedom, and freedom the way it was to be possessed.  Many of the heroes are well known, but one of them stands out in my thinking as a great spokesman of liberty, and yet, he got no great acclaim as did Jefferson, or Washington, or Franklin.  He died in relative obscurity.  Who is this national hero whose personality I see rocketing through the two short centuries and bearing down on time at the dawn of the third century and first  new millennium of our nation? 


                I'd like to take a moment to give you a proper introduction to Thomas Paine.  Many of us possibly remember him from our 7th or 8th grade study of American History or Civics.  He was best known for his release of a well timed essay during revolutionary times.  I am by no means the foremost Thomas Paine expert in this country, and there are some.  There even exists a Thomas Paine Society where enthusiasts band together to swap ideas inspired by Thomas Paine.  Thomas Paine was a rebel of sorts, and he came along when this infant of a nation was in need of a rebel. From every account I've read, Thomas Paine had an abrasive personality.  He had only been in the colonies a few months before writing his ingenious and famous essay, “Common Sense.”  I believe he was looking for a good fight.  He had a pet peeve with spoiled kings and pampered aristocrats. Individually, he could tolerate them.  However, when they were in control of public policy and lorded their positions over the common man, that is when Paine took exception.  Here was his opportunity to give some of them black eyes, so to speak, while at the same time furthering the spread of the ideals of liberty and democracy into the Earth.  The new colonies, which were discontent with mother England, were the perfect vehicle of opportunity and an open doorway for Thomas Paine's ambitious undertakings.  I will give you an example of how ambitious Thomas Paine was.  After his famous “Common Sense” writing, that virtually changed the entire course of new colonial thought, Paine later went to France and did the same thing there with another essay. How much of the French Revolution was directly linked to an essay by Paine?  There is no way to know for sure.  Just the same, Paine impassioned our nation to patriotism and revolution.  For that, Americans owe him a debt of gratitude.      


                In 1776, Paine, a young and idealistic Englishman, who had only been in the colonies 4 months, released "Common Sense."  This writing sparked hope and motivation in the early Americans to throw off their oppressors and take on the battle for independence.  This man's success could be considered timing and chance, but what was on his heart to share was to go down in history as one of the most important American documents ever.  Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense at a time when the new fledgling country was explosive and freedom was a dream.  Great patriots like Washington, Jefferson and Franklin were already meeting as Paine was busy penning his document in the late night hours. The document was written no doubt through the winter of 1775 and released in January of 1776, a very strategic point in history.  Common Sense was aptly named, and full of common sense, and the pep talk it gave was all the patriots needed to fuel their movement to a higher level.  Paine first had it published anonymously, but later took credit for it.  I believe he was being the idealist in practice that he preached in theory to try an anonymous publishing, because no man has a corner on the thoughts and principles of liberty and freedom.  I believe that is what he was trying to say.  He may have also had concerns about British retribution if the revolt was not a success.  The pamphlet was a sell-out when it was released, and blacksmiths, farmers, statesmen, and the poor and wealthy alike, all sat and poured over the long pages of philosophical thought.  I am sure it was the topic of many discussions over a glass of ale, a warm fire, or a good meal.  The ideologies shared on freedom and self-government were like balm poured into open wounds; they were words of hope, words encouragement, and words of a battle cry, that people were drawn to. 


                What was so inspiring about “Common Sense?”  What magic did Paine tap into?  What moved a whole nation to take action?  What could inspire a complacent people to action in the early colonies?  An equally good question would be: what could inspire America in 1999, at the eve of the new millennium, to new patriotism and concern, to unity and love for America?  We must be inspired and encouraged at the most individual level if we are to have positive effect and growth as a whole nation.  A body in harmony is one where each of its cells are in harmony.   Paine tapped into the dreams of generations of mankind, into the dream of freedom.  Paine found himself in the right place at the right time.  He had ambition, but he also had great ideals.  Having been familiar with and inspired by the writings of John Locke, an earlier British philosopher,  Paine had the literary insights on freedom to step forward and help shape a destiny for a country that seemed to be of Divine Providence.


But today, we are free.  And if we are, then what can make us appreciate freedom?  It is now like the air we breathe.  We don't have to think about it unless we are about to lose it.  Many war veterans have a great appreciation of freedom, having seen peoples and nations where there is none.  But as time progresses, we have fewer people who have ever had to defend our nation.  I never served in the military, and never fought for this country.  I was too young for Viet Nam, and too old for the gulf war.  There are so many just like me.  I am not saying that being in war is an answer to appreciating freedom.  I am sure that all would agree that we should be taught what we have and love and appreciate  through the channels of learning, for it is intelligent thought that truly is at the base of the building blocks of civilized society.  Learning from scholars and patriots from times past is an excellent way for Americans to raise their level of existence to a higher standard.  It is that learning, with the addition of values, that form these civilized foundational blocks.  For if we are intelligent, but we are valueless and don't care, then what we know cannot serve us.  Values add the 3rd dimension to 2 dimensional thinking.  I will define values as having an understanding of right and wrong, and knowing that right and wrong are absolutes, as given by God Himself.  Most right and wrong issues are tied to the regard and esteem we hold for our fellow man and living in harmony with other members of society.  If we are to come into a new appreciation of freedom, we must have a catalyst or a catapult to send us there.  So learning of freedom and the principles behind it are essential to appreciating it, but learning the right and the wrong way to live together in society is the grease in the gears of harmony, advancement, and progress.   That is the essence of values, and their importance. 


"Men being, as has been said, by nature all free, equal, and independent, no one can be put out of this estate and subjected to the political power of another without his own consent, which is done by agreeing with other men, to join and unite into a community for their comfortable, safe, and peaceable living, one amongst another, in a secure enjoyment of their properties, and a greater security against any that are not of it. "

                                                                                            John Locke  1690 AD

                                                                   Essay "Concerning Civil Government"


                A society that is prospering and in harmony is the type of country our founding fathers envisioned.  "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" are creed words penned in the great document "The Declaration of Independence," and we now need more than ever this kind of thinking given to us over two hundred years ago.  The attitudes of our own citizens will be the strongest insulator against external or internal attack, and the best insurance of a strong future for America. So with that in mind, I offer another common sense writing, hopefully offering the current generation of Americans common sense, just as Paine's document and essay was common sense to his generation.  I ask one indulgence of any reader.  Many views will be expressed, and if you disagree on one or two of them, do not throw out the whole essay.  The beauty of America is unity and individualism, with tolerance for opposing views.  Let’s come together on what can be agreed on, and purpose with an open mind to at least give ear to opposing views in a positive manner, appreciating freedom of speech and expression, for it is both sides of debate that give the one side its unique significance, and its strength of conviction.  If you can’t agree with something, simply catalog and shelve it for a time, but don’t release a barrage of disgust and hate if it doesn’t line up with your view of things.  I will do the same for you!


                We have rumblings of discontent in America, and many think our system is not working. Many would like to see a new way, with the same free principles, but with different applications. But this author believes we are a great nation, and we are on the right track, and we have only just begun.  For those who feel we must dismantle our country and put it together differently, they certainly must realize that we are still in a growth state of finding our national identity, and we are still in awe of this great political entity and body of people.  No person on Earth can say America has not worked, because  it is an infant, no, a teenager, and its world destiny has not been fully realized even yet.  Did Thomas Paine believe we had a great opportunity, and that America as a nation would go far with success?  Listen to his words:


"We have it in our power to begin the world over again.  A situation similar to the present, hath not appeared since the days of Noah until now.  The birth-day of a new world is at hand, and a race of men perhaps as numerous as all Europe contains, are to receive their portion of freedom from the event of a few months."

                                                                        Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776


                Paine was being insightful, because we surpassed Europe in power and in strength ages ago.  America was and is a huge project, and a sacred one.  Rumblings must be silenced, by those who grumble, and the old thoughts must give way to respect and awe of what we have been given.  The world was ripe for a new kind of nation to form in the 1700's, and that is just like yesterday in the annals of Earthly time.  America is a world leader not because she is strong, although she is, but rather because she is based on strong principles.  I believe America has had the envy and respect of the world, or at least those who know and subscribe to the truth about her.  The truth is that we as Americans live in great peace and freedom, with great comfort brought on by the great achievements that only a free society could have obtained.  No other nation possesses such a unique identity and status.  Then, the rest of the world has  borrowed our breakthroughs and achievements, with our blessings, thereby raising their quality of life and comfort also.  This was America's destiny, and it still is, to lead and guide other nations in progress and idealism and to be a light to all the world.  Freedom fighters all around the world hope and pray to duplicate what we have built here.  Young revolutionaries in China have recently stated and displayed this. 


                Notice we call America "her."   America has the essence of female characteristics.  But what husband does not consider his wife the most stable part of his life, the balancing factor, the one who helps give him wisdom and inspiration to excel in life?  In the Bible, God calls wisdom "her."   America is put into a class with wisdom, but we see this as born out to be true, because no person on Earth could ever conceive of a greater "wise" achievement than the formation and founding of America.  America has been a stabilizing player to the whole world, giving balance of ideals like human rights, and freedom, to the rest of the world. 


"The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.  Many circumstances hath, and will arise, which are not local, but universal, and through which the principles of all Lovers of Mankind are affected, and in the Event of which, their Affections are interested."

                                                                       Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776



                America has always come to the aid of the oppressed around the world.  This is based on principles that we, as a nation, are founded on.  If we ignore violations of human rights, then we ignore and deny our own freedom and humane ways as a country.  Let us not be weak in this area. If we tearfully watch historical atrocities committed by men like Hitler against Jews, and we pound our fists and say, if I were alive then, I would have done something, but we do not act now in our generation, for oppressed people anywhere in the world, then our claims are hypocritical. Anywhere there is genocide, that is brought to our attention, we must take a lead and act fast so that mass slaughter of races and nationalities of people never occurs again.  We are a world leader because we care about the brotherhood of man and our oppressed neighbors worldwide.  Currently, we have acted in Kosovo, and our motivation has been one of rescue.  We need great wisdom as to when to act and when not to act.  But if we make a solid decision that we will not allow violations of human rights worldwide, our citizens can get behind fast action more easily, and our President and Congress can move with more unity in the matter.


Section 2


Washington D. C. Politics - We must have a resolution to the disharmony in Washington D. C. Our founding fathers did not envision divisive attitudes ruling the thoughts of our branches of government until they were actually paralyzed in their duties and inhibited in carrying out the national business.  The American experiment was and is a bipartisan effort.  We are in a system of "representation" in America, but I do not see the voters living in such a state of political rivalry as the officials we elect.  It seems the system the elected officials are introduced to once they idealistically arrive in Washington D. C. has its own code to live by, and our delegates are soon lost in a stupor of partisanship that actually subverts the will of the people.  Our framers also did not see Presidents who did not act like Presidents, violating their trust of office.


"All the constitutions of America are on a plan that excludes the childish embarrassments which occur in monarchical countries. No suspension of government can there take place for a moment, from any circumstance whatever. The system of representation provides for everything, and is the only system in which nations and governments can always appear in their proper character. "                                                                 Thomas Paine, The Rights Of Man, 1791


Thomas Paine obviously has not seen America in the last few years.  The early founding fathers did not believe any mishap of difficulty could interrupt our flow of government.  Like a corporation, it is an unending entity, it is not supposed to be subject to human weaknesses.  I believe that getting bogged down with scandals and partisanship  is a condition we can correct in the future. 


In earlier Presidential elections this decade, Americans did not seem to care about character in leaders such as Presidents, and they voted without regard to that issue, and we reaped the whirlwind because of it.  I believe the President even shocked himself with the apparent disregard of good judgment that he showed, and with the seeming vengeance and re-emergence of earlier seeds he had sown in his life. But the framers had intended that character be a strong issue in elections.  We have another chance.  The next elections of all Washington officials must be about character as much as anything else.  If the candidates know this is the venue, and the mindset of the voters, they will either disqualify themselves or never try to run in the first place.  The founding fathers were sick and tired of being ruled over by young, under-aged and spoiled Kings who inherited the throne, and then that person ruled for life.  The country could really suffer in such a case.  But our framers set up a system whereby we could not elect someone under 35 years of age. Then, they set up rules to be rid of the elected person 35 years or older in 4 years, with another election, or, with impeachment.  We can't blame a single man for misusing the system we were given, the blame must go on uninformed and unwise voters. We saw the Presidential scandal and the way it harmed our nation.  Our focus next Presidential election should be to make character an issue, as well as ability.  But let this ring true for Senators and Representatives as well. Throw in State Congressmen and women, Governors, Mayors and so on.  Character must be there.  Qualifications for these positions must be exhibiting wholesome values, strong patriotism, selflessness, and so on.  Let a man or woman present their background to us instead of us digging for it later, after much harm is done.  If they can't be proud of their background and they don't feel like airing it, it may be less than desirable for the leadership of our country.  Character will not be held like a monopoly by one political party over another.  Democrat, or Republican, or Independent, or any other party could have the candidate of character.  A person’s stance on one single issue will not determine their whole character either. 


I mentioned the rule that a President cannot be under 35 years of age.  I will tell you just what they were getting at.  The kings in monarchies come to power at any age that the right of succession happened.  It was quite disastrous in Europe. Teenage kings came to power.  Our founding fathers wanted emotional maturity in our President.  They did not want a teenager, either physically or mentally.


In the American federal government, more power is delegated to the President of the United States, than to any other individual member of congress.  (Paine mistakenly says that the President is part of Congress)  He cannot therefore, be elected to this office under the age of thirty-five  years.  By this time, the judgment of man becomes matured, and he has lived long enough to be acquainted with men and things, and the country with him. 

                                                                        Thomas Paine, The Rights of Man, 1791


Thomas Paine made a mistake about politics, but all the founding fathers made a mistake that 35 was an age that a man would be totally mature in his judgment.  Or else, they did not realize the emotional challenges to men and women in the 20th and 21st century, or the eroding nature of our values.  Thomas Paine makes a comment on our first President.


As soon as nine states had concurred, (and the rest followed in the order their conventions were elected), the old fabric of the federal government was taken down, and the new one erected, of which General Washington is President. - In this place I cannot help remarking, that the character and services of this gentleman are sufficient to put all those men called kings to shame.  While they are receiving from the sweat and labors of mankind, a prodigality of pay, to which neither their abilities nor their services can entitle them, he is rendering every service in his power, and refusing every pecuniary reward.  He accepted no pay as Commander-In-Chief, he accepts none as the President of the United States. 

                                                                        Thomas Paine, The Rights Of Man, 1791


This author is not suggesting any such act by a modern President.  I personally believe a President is worth as much as any CEO of any major corporation, but the pay is quite a bit less.  The point here is: We need the respect for our President like the respect we read here from Thomas Paine, for his President, the father of our country!  But respect is first generated from within a person in the form of self-respect.  Others then perceive self-respect, which creates perceived character, and offer their respect also. 

                I want to state some common sense things that many have felt like saying.  We need to study and discuss the severe partisan nature of our delegates in Washington.  Americans are amazed at how little can get done when there is so much political fallout to each act undertaken.  The different political parties are all Americans, and we are brothers and sisters with a common goal: to preserve the common good, the prosperity, the well-being, and the peace of all Americans.  Our party system is a good one, but something is awry when political archrivals battle year end and year out and feelings, emotions, and opinions of delegates to Washington rule the day and the will of the people does not.  After an election, let's see how we can support the candidates in office and look objectively at their agendas.  Let's look for the good in each other.  Let's make this powerful political system work.  Let's put the nation above our personal  agendas and opinions long enough to see the common sense issues that are put before us.  If a potential objective of a rival makes sense, and has common sense, let’s get behind it.  This would be bipartisan and honorable. The impeachment proceedings and trial are a great gauge and example of partisan politics ruling the day in Washington D. C.  I am not taking a side here, but only emphasizing a state of concern of many citizens.


“In republics, such as those established in America, the sovereign power, or the power over which there is no control, and which controls all others, remains where nature placed it - in the people; for the people in America are the fountain of power.  It remains there as a matter of  right, recognized in the constitutions of the country, and the exercise of it is constitutional and legal.  This sovereignty is exercised in electing and deputing a certain number of persons to represent and act for the whole, and who, if they do not act right, may be displaced by the same power that placed them there, and others elected and deputed in their stead, and the wrong measures of former representatives corrected and brought right by this means.  Therefore, the republican form and principle leaves no room for insurrection, because it provides and establishes a rightful means in its stead…”

Thomas Paine, Dissertations on Government, etc.  1786



As Thomas Paine points out, we are insurrection proof, so to speak, by our framers allowing us to mold the flow of policy with our votes.  We react and revolutionize peacefully and submissively with the voting system. Many must hear these words, who have no regard for voting. We must vote, each person, as a nation, and we must be educated to the issues, so we are not just voting our party, only, like an army of voting robots.  We, as a nation, were birthed and formed in the spirit of bipartisan politics, and unity. Issues on the ballots that are good issues must not go down in flames at the polls because voters vote their party only, or they refuse to become educated to the issues, or, worse, they refuse to vote at all.


Much could be covered here, but to summarize, I believe it common sense to carefully elect leaders, with scrutiny over their character.  Next, we must analyze elected officials who stay partisan for the sake of being partisan, and then miss opportunities to make a difference and shape a positive society.  Lastly, let all men and women vote, so that one class or interest group who can turn out to vote, does not have unfair advantage in our land.


Section 3


The Y2K Bug - This is a common sense approach to the Y2K problem.  Many have spread fear, but few have shared confidence and positive input over this issue.  Common sense would tell us that if we don’t embrace a positive approach to Y2K,  then hysteria will do all the predicted damage that the computer bug might not do.  It might be OK.  Things might be more trivial than expected.  Our preparations could be sufficient.  This great nation could exterminate a bug, and come out of it without great losses. 

America has been given her first new millennium assignment, which has been underway for some time.  Solve the Y2K bug crisis. Is it really a crisis in the proportions many are expecting? Many like to over-dramatize, others feel great excitement to prepare rations and to discuss this with the relatives, friends, co-workers and so on.  Is it a twist of fate that our own technology was too fast, too efficient, and too soon to foresee its own weak spots?   But what about the mass press, or the corporations making so much money over it?  Some are distributing survival food. This subject will fill up many a news columns, and many a magazine articles.   There are Senate subcommittees, and task forces all around the world.    Many are buying things they wouldn't otherwise buy.  Many will profit from the Y2K Bug, whether it is real or blown out of proportion. The precious metal markets are booming as many consider pulling their assets from banks.  Will we load up on rations and hide behind double dead-bolted and reinforced doors, waiting with a gun to protect some pitiful dried rabbit food, or will we pull together like brave Americans and weather the storm, and help our fellow man?  If you have been spreading fear and concern, and you have been believing the worse possible scenario, I want you to know that America needs you, and it  needs your help now.  Let the rest of the year ring with a positive message from your lips. 


“These are the times that try men’s souls.  The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

                                                                                                Thomas Paine, The American Crisis, 1776


Will the world see massive shutdowns which lead to chaotic conditions? I believe we will not. These are just the opinions of one author here.  However, many are speaking the same things said here. I believe the problem is over-rated.  I hope to dispel some fears.  The fear and panic is our worst enemy.  We will most certainly get what we expect.  Here are some reasons why we can rest more easily. 


1)  Things tend to get blown out of proportion.  It is human nature and normal to expect the worst.  Many experts are predicting only mild inconveniences, and disruptions.  If every citizen removes their money out of banks prior to January 1, 2000, then that kind of panic and wrong emphasis is the real danger, with the economic system suffering a stress based on fear, instead of reason.  At that point, the Y2K bug becomes more of a deception, than a real problem, and a deception that many Americans might buy, hook, line and sinker.  The real need here is a need to educate with real information, instead of the massive doomsday propaganda being spread around. 


2)  The experts and  officials have been working hard to get government and services compliant, both in the private and government sectors.  Tests are being done to take guesswork out of compliance.


3)  America works best under pressure.  Problems not solved by 10/99 will get high priority.


4)  We are not that far away in time from manual operation of vital services.  The employees who were pre-computer are still there.  If it was shutting down in 2007, we'd be in more trouble.  But it couldn't happen anytime but at the change of the millennium, which is late enough to be a hindrance, but early enough to solve the whole thing efficiently.   January 1, 2000, will perform a  wonderful and important function for us.  It will identify the culprit systems, and then they can be replaced or repaired.  Being off line will be ever so temporary, and alternatives will be used, until experts reset computer systems.  This is so simple.  Those who think this is impossible have given too much credit to computers, and not enough credit to the human ingenuity that produced them.  This is common sense. 


5)  Americans are good problem solvers. 


6)  Money will be spent to solve the problems.  Some organizations and entities have already laid out and are going to have to lay out huge investments to get compliant.  We are in the state of a good national economy, so the expenditures will be obtainable.  It will take place. 


7)  We all want to get over this hump and we want to pull together.  Unity is a key. 


8)  Americans will not act like animals.  They can rise to the occasion.  People will help people if need be.  It is not bad to store and save up for a crisis, but there will not be a need to go overboard and put up barbwire, and gun turrets. 


9)   It is possible to withdraw a small amount of cash for a week or two, or a month, but keep faith and do not hurt financial institutions who rely on holding our funds.  Keep faith in our system, and in our nation.  (See Section 6 on Free Enterprise)


10)  Many are praying over this.  God is with us. Many of the newer generation are unaware of famous historic battles where whole societies stood at the precipice, such as the famous battle of Dunkirk, in France, in World War 2.  The German's had the British on the run, and the whole of the British army was retreating across France, only to be stopped at the English Channel, with no way of escape or retreat.  They were trapped, with German tanks closing in, and the sea on the other side.  There was no ability to do a naval removal. The army could be lost, and the next step would be the invasion of England by Hitler, with no protection, because of an annihilated army. Talk about a desperate situation.   Winston Churchhill called for a national day of prayer, and the people of England  were so desperate, they banded together in churches all over the nation, to pray for God to intervene.  This took place, and one of the most amazing occurrences in human history took place at Dunkirk.  The people of England rallied together and helped the government and the military do a mass exodus across the English channel.  All of this was done after the nation gathered to pray.  God saved the British army. People showed up in fishing boats, yachts, and small crafts to carry soldiers back to England.  The army was saved, and so was England. The prayer was a key.  God was able to give unity, courage, ideas and motivation to people, because they prayed. Our prayers must not be only for ourselves, but for other Americans. Then, if we ever have a crisis, we will help each other.  I believe if we pray, then America will wake up on January 1, 2000, and find the day will be a pleasant one.   Once you have prayed, do not spread any more fear.  A time of thorough prayer on a large corporate national level would be a good idea with this issue. 

11)   I am boldly stating that we will not see the doom predicted, or the massive difficulty projected by some.  The computers will serve us, as the tools they were created to be, and we, as their masters, will prevail. 

                To summarize, we must stay strong, and positive.  You might have to throw your older computer in the trash.  But you can get another one.  I have read the expert’s opinions.  I have read the Senate findings on the Internet.  Systems will be reworked, some chips may fail, some confusion may result, but mankind will have dominion over his machines, if he believes he will.  By February 1, 2000, I predict everyone will be wondering what all the fuss was really about.  Don’t be one with egg on your face, at that time, because you didn’t have faith in God and in this great country to handle the situation. 




Section 4



Racism - America has been a champion in human rights.  Many have a dream to see an end to racist activity and hatred, around the world.  Although this is a worldwide problem, America needs to focus some attention here.   A recent news story of an inhumane death of a man in Texas, at the hands of men full of hate and prejudice is a symbol of some of the racial prejudice still in our nation. The enemy is not a person, or black or white, but rather a hateful attitude with roots in ignorance. We have come far in this area, but we have a long way to go.  We must be rid of all racism in America.  It is a blight like cancer.  God made us with differences, but our similarities outweigh our differences. The human race takes precedent over all races within it.  We are brothers and sisters, and we can find ways to bridge differences and heal prejudices.  I don't have the answers, but I can urge many to the desire to solve all racism in America.  Watch children play together.  They could care less about skin color or differences in features.   Children have it right.   That innocence is needed in we adults, again.   America needs an end to racism.  Love is the way.  God is Love.  America started with slavery.  But within 100 years, America defeated this foe of humanity and many caring people worked to end it.  But that did not end the attitudes.  The most serious racial problem in America is still the white Caucasian’s disregard for the African-American.  But this racial problem has the reverse of that also.  Many African-Americans have some things to deal with in tolerance and forgiveness of the white Caucasians.  I am a white Caucasian male.  If I could repent to the African-American for all that has been done and make it all go away, I surely would.  And there are so many who feel just like that in my race.  Our nation needs the unity that comes from the healing of all racism.   Men like Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King gave much to see a dream come to pass that would bring an end of the racial issues.  Black and white are not the only issues.  America is a melting pot of many different  nationalities, and not one of them should be denied the honor and dignity due them as Americans.  Thomas Paine spoke about slavery.  Although slavery is abolished, and is not a current issue, catch the spirit of Thomas Paine's words:


To Americans:  That some desperate wretches should be willing to steal and enslave men by violence and murder for gain , is rather lamentable than strange.  But that many civilized, nay, Christianized people should approve, and be concerned in the savage practice, is surprising;  and still persist, though it has been so often proved contrary to the light of nature, to every principle of justice and humanity, and even good policy, by a succession of eminent men, and several late publications.  

The past treatment of Africans must naturally fill them with abhorrence of Christians; lead them to think our religion would make them more inhuman savages, if they embraced it;  thus the gain of that trade has been pursued in opposition to the Redeemer's cause, and the happiness of men.  Are we not, therefore, bound in duty to Him and to them to repair these injuries, as far as possible, by taking some proper measures to instruct, not only the slaves here, but the Africans in their own countries?  Primitive Christians labored always to spread their Divine religion; and this is equally our duty while there in an heathen nation.  But what singular obligations are we under to these injured people?  These are the sentiments of Justice and Humanity.

                                                                Thomas Paine, African Slavery In America, 1775


(Author's note:  Although Mr Paine uses some phrases not politically correct today, I give him credit for his humanitarian attitudes and the heart of the writing.  Remember, he writes this in 1775.  This is progressive thinking by Thomas Paine generations beyond many of that day.  Although slavery is gone, the root attitude of slavery was wrong beliefs about others who are different.  Even if slavery is gone, I believe many would agree that the root is still present, to a  smaller degree.)


                One day my 5 year old son was trying to describe a little boy to me that he was playing with.   He liked the little boy.   I had seen several little boys, and so a description would help me identify which one it was.   My son thought hard.   He had a red shirt.   He was about this tall.   Anything else, I asked?  My son looked perplexed.  What else set this other little boy apart?   After a half a minute, he said,  Oh, yeh, he has brown skin.  He was describing a little African-American boy.  I made a note about that to remember it.  It was so sweet.  To my son, the only difference was in the brown skin, but no deeper.  And it was not the first thing he thought of.  The red shirt was the real difference in my son's mind. Under the surface, this other little boy had all the rights, all the potential, and all the dignity of life that my son had. This was my son's perception. They could have fun and fellowship. I am sure the other little boy felt the same way.  Children will tell it like it is.  We need to pay attention to them.


                Hate crimes have prejudice and racism at the heart of them.  It is not American, or patriotically loyal to America to lower ones self to the level of hate crimes.  America is about the blessing, building up, and support of all races and nationalities. But for hate crimes to decrease, we must eliminate racism at all levels, including the joke level.  One day, I heard some boys telling racial jokes in a garage.  My older 10 year old son was there, listening.  I had to act, because my son has never heard a racial joke.  I approached the boys, and I heard one more joke being told.  I then asked the boys to stop, and to think about what they were saying.  I explained to them the race they were speaking of was a cool race of people, but the jokes they were telling were not cool.  I explained to them that God has a sense of humor, but He has no part in a racial joke.  I believe this to be true new millennium thinking.  We have come far.  Let’s be sober about these issues. 


                Anti-Semitism – I have a soft spot in my heart for the Jewish people.  I am a Christian, but the God I know and serve also has a soft spot for them.  (Stated in human terms)  Christians and Jews are linked together by the Bible, and although there is a striking doctrinal difference, I see no reason why there shouldn’t be the utmost unity of love and tolerance between the two groups. The hate groups like Christian Identity, or Christian Purity are not and must not be confused with mainline and traditional Christianity.  Every Christian I know has love and tolerance for the Jews, and I know many Christians.  The Christian code to live by, or should I say lifestyle, and full doctrinal belief is the fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5:22-23, as listed by the Apostle Paul: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control.  Paul ranked these and listed Love as number one.  A hatemonger cannot hope to think that they are serving God or they are doing the Divine Will if they violate these positive attributes  given by God as a way of life. 


The lie spawned by people that Jews are Satanic and evil is a great disservice and travesty to God’s Kingdom and to humanity.  The truth is that Jews have made great contributions to mankind, both in ancient history, such as the Ten Commandments, and in modern times also.  The great human spirit and drive in the Jewish people to achieve and accomplish, and to hold their beliefs and traditions close are admirable.   Let traditional Christianity distance themselves from the criminal sounding sects who bear their name by tolerating and praying for and loving their Jewish brothers and sisters, and by themselves embracing the nine fruits of the Spirit of God as listed from Galatians 9.


Hitler believed a lie about the Jews told decades before he came to power.  He built on that lie.  The lie is still floating around the world, and it is propagated by pure evil.  If the evil one hates the Jews that much, we should ask ourselves, what is right about the Jews, for the fear of God is to hate evil, and, I might add, to reciprocate by loving  what evil hates.  Jesus was a Jew.  Christians everywhere believe Jesus still bears the nail scars and the scar on his side.  But those would have to be on His Jewish body.   So if Jesus was a Jew, and as the Bible states, he is the same yesterday, today, and forever, then it stands to reason that He still is a Jew.  This is a sobering thought for all to consider, especially Christians, and it is even more critical for the hate groups to consider.


The hate groups teach that God is in favor of anti-semitism and racism, and any means that furthers the cause including violence, is acceptable.  But the Bible calls this demonic teaching, or as older versions state,   “doctrines of devils.”  Then, as evil brings forth this nonsense, God is given the credit as the originator.  If the hate groups have had these off-based teachings ingrained into them by spiritual people, who are Bible teachers, then the problem is a delicate one, and it is possible that the only way they can be reached is on a spiritual level, combating spiritual error with spiritual truth.  It is with this in mind that I offer the following information for consideration. 


Truth One:  The first hate crime was Cain, who killed his brother Abel.  God was angered, and punished Cain.  Cain’s crime was murder, preceded by hate, which was preceded by jealousy of Abel, and rebelliousness to God.


Truth Two:  The Jews were dogged and persecuted in Bible history, by many nations and races.  Some were the Edomites, the Amalekites, the Philistines, the Amorites, the Egyptians, the Romans, and in the 20th century, the Germans and the Russians.  In the Bible, it appears because of what information was preserved and emphasized, that God would like us to line up and identify with people such as Abel, Enoch, Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Samson, David, Elijah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Ruth, Esther, David, Solomon, Nehemiah, John the Baptist, Mary, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, James, Paul, and, ……….,  Jesus!   I left many out.  All of them are Jews.  These men and women operated on a plane with God.  Any Jew alive today is no less Jewish in their humanity than any of these I listed.


Truth Three:  If a person who thinks they have some truth persists in anti-Jewish dogma, and intolerant doctrines, then they certainly are lining up with people of history such as Cain, Pharaoh, Goliath, Absolom, Haman, Herod, Pilate, Nero, Hitler, Stalin, and many many more.   This reads like the Who’s Who of Satanic influence.


Truth  Four:     This is last, but not the least.  God is Love.  If God is involved in any kind of teaching, movement, or activity,  it will have the sweetness of love and concern, empathy, and compassion, and mercy and forgiveness.  This is the God I have.  Which one do you have?



Section 5


Crime - Schools shootings, violence against innocence, and tragedies from new sources have the nation reeling. Young people who emulate men like Hitler, or who are outcasts, or despondent, and who embrace dark philosophies, and listen to dark music, are acting on dark motives, with no regard for human life.  We need solutions to these and other crime problems, but it seems that the issues mentioned here only stimulate debate and opinions that seem at opposite ends of the spectrum. Many opinions that I hear are good, but sometimes it appears that the view and solutions offered do not go deep enough.  If I may, I’d like to touch on a biblical view of these issues, because God in His infinite wisdom alone can offer America solutions, if we are humble enough to go to Him.  Keep reading, because I will discuss a view from the Bible about school kids who take guns to school and blow away other school kids.  But first, more about crime.


                Common sense dictates a long range solution to crime.  Many of our cities are like war zones, with growing crime statistics annually.   Many say the answer is to put on more police, and to beef up manpower.  But this is like giving aspirin to someone who is about to get gangrene from infection.  We need to treat the wounds and the roots of crime.  A nation that can't get a handle on crime is a nation in decline.  The infection of crime must be treated.  I am not sure stiffer punishment is totally the answer to stifling the activities of hardened criminals.  They are simply living out what they have become. I do not think they are mindful of consequences when committing crimes.  The answer is possibly in impeding the flow of crime in the young, so they are not settling into the life of deeper crime.  Dealing with the young on crime is the common sense offered here. Although this takes some serious research and thought with a multitude of minds and experts at work on it, this is a worthy area to pursue.  Many are already working on the crime issues.  If we want young people of the inner cities to lay down a life of crime, it seems we must give them an alternative way of life with positive and productive activities and input.  Again, this area has been explored for decades, but now we enter a new millennium with a desire to see a reduction in crime.  Gang activity and domestic violence are two serious contributors to the crime waves in our land. 


In gang activity, young people want and need to belong, so their families are their gangs.  Where are their real families?  Are their fathers in prison, and are their mothers working a few jobs to survive?  It seems America has a family problem.  But America’s family problem goes farther than the inner cities.  Parents in the suburbs are too busy, and too into their own problems, and then that young person is grown and gone.  Secondly, look at one other main area of crime.   Domestic violence!  These are people of families killing and beating and destroying each other who supposedly love each other. These are men and women who commit crimes against their children and on each other in front of their children.  The children grow up thinking this is normal behavior.  This crime is self-propagated.  Home life and family values have got to be raised to an all important level in the new millennium.   When we think of crime, our minds go to bank robbers, or drug dealers, or serial killers, or rapists.  I do not want to play these down, but I believe they are in the minority of criminals, with young people and domestic issues being the majority.  These more serious criminals mentioned are someone's young people that have matured and simply gone too far down that road of crime. In this new millennium, we must be a nation that shows a renewed interest in children and the family, and giving guidance to the young. A target to aim at in turning crime around is the target of the youth of our nation.


                I am talking about planting seed in the young and growing up a crop.  It would be positive seed.  We could help families in poverty or in urban areas who are in difficulty and dysfunctional to have more positive input.  The two answers I hear over and over, 1) put on more police, or 2), create stiffer punishments, will not solve the crime problem, but only help to contain it.  This is a social issue, and we need parents and government who can work together with skill, wisdom, and motivation for young people.


Schools Shootings - We had a rash of shootings in high schools over the last few years. We have no guarantee it will subside.  Suddenly, kids everywhere released hidden fantasies of blowing other kids away.  They could feel it, see it, and taste it.  They were adept at it, with high levels of marksmanship.  Their parent’s guns, or guns illegally obtained, gave them the vehicles to fulfill their fantasies.  They were ticking timebombs, and no one knew when or where they would go off.  Many have blamed it on lack of gun control.  Others blame it on video games and violent movies.  I hear people say that these kids are de-sensitized.  I am sure that is true, but to say that they are that way due to videos and movies only is a surface view, and somewhat narrow.  I am sorry, because some of my best friends are saying that.  Violent videos and movies never did anyone any good.  I concede that.  But if these kids are only de-sensitized, that is not enough to do what they do.  Many de-sensitized people do not commit these acts.  Hitler’s top people who committed atrocities against the Jews played no videos or watched no violent movies. And yet, there was never a more de-sensitized or callous bunch of ruffians on the planet.  Japanese soldiers in World War 2 brutally raped and murdered women all across China.  Serbian soldiers in Yugoslavia are doing the same thing.  In Rwanda,  masses of people were butchered with machetes.  We are talking about things that exist in human nature, and can be brought forth anywhere and anytime if someone is willing to violate certain principles of Creation, as set down by our Creator. What de-sensitizes a person, and allows them  mentally to place no value on human life?  What gets into these kids?  What got into Hitler, and his Nazi regime?  The answer is deep, and yet simple.  It is found in the Bible.  Let he or she with ears to hear, hear the next truths.


The Seed Principle -  Jesus taught much on this subject.  On the surface, it would seem silly for the Son of God to come to Earth and spend valuable time discussing plants, and crops, and seeds, and growing things, when He could really get down into the true nitty gritty of the human condition, and  huge political issues of His day.  But I submit to you that He was talking about the human condition, the whole time, and just using God’s eye view of us, and the world.  Now if that is true, and this is the first time you are realizing that, then maybe listening to Him and Holy Scripture on the subject takes on new meaning. 

Who invented the computer?  They were clever, but not original.  For God made the first computer-like design, and that is the brain.   The brain has memory, like the computer.  The brain has response to certain stimuli, like the computer.  The computer, like the brain, can be taught to comprehend new subject matter, or think, based on certain past programming, and input, and give the appropriate response.  Both the brain and the computer communicate with language, which is basic and necessary to their growth and very existence.  The brain is an intricate retainer of facts, experiences, and programming input, and it can shut down from overload like the computer.  Computers are not alive, but they are the closest man-made examples of the human brain.  The computer can never have better substance and quality than the material put into it.  In that respect, it is just like the brain.  You must see the parallels here before I go on. 


   God made us to use thoughts as seeds, which always precede words and actions.  The whole Earth functions on the seed principle.  People begin as seeds.  So do animals, plants, businesses, books, movies, creative works, and so on.  The success motivators got a small section of this truth, and have taught many to succeed with it in the mental realm.  The Bible even indicates that Heaven uses this principle, based on the words of Jesus.   “The Kingdom of God is as if a man should scatter seed on the ground, and should sleep by night and rise by day, and the seed should sprout and grow, he himself does not know how.  For the Earth yields crops by itself, first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear.  But when the fruit is brought forth, immediately he puts in the sickle, because the harvest is come.”  Mark 4:26-29   “Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the Word of God, which liveth and abideth forever.” 1 Peter 1:23


 In John 15:1, Jesus says that God is a husbandman.  For those who don’t what that means, God grows things and views Himself as the one who plants, and tills, and harvests.  God’s most prized planting and harvest is people. 

Jesus said that the Earth yields, and God made us of the Earth, and He made us to yield also.  Our earthen bodies and minds yield fruit.  Whatever is planted in us as seed comes up with a harvest.  It is God’s system.  He set it up, and it is not easy to understand.  Scientists today might say in Mark 4 that Jesus is now wrong, because of science, the farmer now knows why something grows.  But although we understand photosynthesis, and seeds and plants, and biology, we still do not know what gives each living organism life.  It is the same with the seed principle.  We will never on this Earth know how it works, but God wants us to take it on faith, that we are former seeds,  and our minds operate on seeds of thoughts.  God calls His Word a seed of an incorruptible nature, and accepting it and believing it starts a work of God in us.  Jesus told a parable about a crop being planted, and an evil one planting weeds in the crop, until the harvest was corrupted.  The planter is God, the evil one is Satan, and the crop is human nature, and the corruption is wicked human nature.


When mankind departs from God, as Hitler did, and embraces evil, he is sowing all manner of evil into the computer known as the brain.  Hitler was a Satan worshipper, and into the occult.  He first decided that he and his own were superior, in a warped sense of pride, and then they decided that they were God, with the power of life and death.  This sounds similar to certain schools shooters. The total lack of humility that closes the door on God, opens the door of de-sensitization to all human life.  God values human life, and those who submit to Him do too.  To dispense with the Creator causes a person to devalue the creation.  A severe lack of wisdom follows this decision.  When the allies came into Germany, and took one look at the horror of the camps, I believe many of the war criminals came to their senses almost instantly.  They might have said, “what have we done?  What were we thinking?  I now barely remember being conscious of my actions.  The drunken stupor of power is over.  The insanity of sin and evil overwhelmed me, for awhile.”  A healthy fear came on them, that there is justice.  Justice is from God.  “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”   That scripture can be reversed.   When wisdom first shines on a soul, is when God in Heaven is finally given some consideration.  The lack of wisdom is a foolish stupor and temporary madness.  But the Person of Justice always comes, with His light, and sobriety, and then a Holy fear overtakes a person.  Justice of God comes through the authorities. Please note that the thought of suicide always makes a person feel they will escape Divine Justice.  But the suicide is part of the madness.  It gets back to the bankruptcy of God.  God is good, and God gives hope.  A human mind without hope will become apocalyptic, and despairing, and suicide becomes a quick fix or false solution. 


This can shed light on some students who go on shooting rampages.  The mindset in them is one of a future full of foreboding, and darkness, and all must feel it as they do.  If they end others lives, as well as their own, they are doing them a favor.  It is easy to see the utter selfishness and self-centeredness of this mindset.  If students and youth feed on dark issues such as Satan worship, and dark music, and dark plans, and play dark games, and idealize someone like Hitler, then they are planting seeds into their minds.  But the harvest greatly outweighs the seeds planted.  And the problem is not de-sensitization, but rather evil mental imagery.  This person sees dark experiences and actions, because they are violating a Creation principle of wrong mental seed planting.  Each word they utter, or thought they think, or action they take, which involves the mind, is a seed for their next action, or thought, or words.  You are today what you thought about yesterday, or last week, or last month.  That is why the Bible says we must cast down from our thought life vain imaginings, and pull down mental fortresses which are against the pure truth of God and Christ.  (2 Corinthians 10:4-5) 


Now bring in the violent movies and video games.  The dark mind will have a voracious appetite for such things, and the mental imagery will grow even more.  But these tools are not the root, or the originators.  They simply reinforce the dark thinking and hone the skills.  The videos and movies are only symptoms of the deeper problem, which is dark mental imagery, brought on by an absence of God’s influence.  This is a wise saying by the Apostle Paul.   “Finally brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report,  if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy-, meditate on these things.”  Philippians 4:8   There is nothing good or worthy in this earth apart from God. Our society feeds on the negative, and the press  needs to think about this.  We need to give good happenings equal time.  The inordinate amount of press coverage to each school shooting violates a principle.  It is like placing a scatter bomb in the middle of a plague zone.  You will have germs sent far and wide, with seed spores coming up in the most unlikely of places.  For days and days, the press reports the shootings and images of tragedy and assures each person watching they may obtain the same attention.  Sure, we must tell the story, and not be ignorant, but the commercialism of the news event has got to take some of the blame for disseminating negative information.  Mental computers are watching all over the nation. The “copy cat” pranks prove this.  Watchers obtain ideas, and they let seed thoughts become actions. We need to give them a chance to see some pure, lovely, noble and just acts and experiences.


Gun Control - I purposed to not get into highly controversial discussions, because I wanted a document every American could come into agreement with.  But here is a controversy.   I hate gun control.  It seems un-American, not sound, and seems quite socialistic.  But common sense dictates we take emergency measures to put in some limited gun control, that effects the youth or the criminal element with records without effecting the good citizen who is responsible with a gun.  At least until we get a handle on some of the attitudes and mind-sets in our citizens, particularly the youth.  There is a pattern of school violence moving across the nation.  Unless we want a shooting report every single day, we need some quick measures. 


More governmental control is not want anyone wants.  But gun enthusiasts kid themselves when they say the availability of guns 30-40 years ago did not bring extra violent acts. Although that is a true statement, all must come to grips with the fact that this is not 30 years ago.  We have gone too far, and made too many wrong turns and decisions to compare ourselves to times past.  Our nation is like a man who used guns very much when young.  He knew their safety, he hunted, he used the rifle range, and he greatly respected life, never killing game except to eat it.  But sometime and somewhere along the way, he lost innocence with his respect for human life, and committed a crime.  He was locked up, and became a friend of others who had committed crimes.  Before long, the man was entrenched in self serving and de-sensitized attitudes of fellow prisoners, until upon his release from prison, he was a hard cold person who could kill in a moment.  Now is the man of then and the man of now the same man?  Yes, he is. Does it seem he should have the same rights or treatment as before? Yes it does.  But is he capable of possessing a gun as before?  Not without great danger to his fellow man.  This nation is like this man.  We lost our innocence, and too many want to harm our people.  When a little old lady can have road rage, and feel like killing, and curse someone and let loose obscenities, using a finger, and taunting another to violence, on our freeways, and this occurrence takes place everywhere daily, then we have big trouble.  Gun enthusiasts who disdain gun control might have to accept certain measures as a necessary evil temporarily.


We have prisons, but no one wants prisons, just for the sake of having prisons.  They are a necessary evil.  But a necessary evil is what  Thomas Paine calls government. 



Society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil;  in its worst state an intolerable one; for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries by a government, which we might expect in a country without government, our calamities are heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer.  Government, like dress, is the badge of lost innocence;  the palaces of kings are built on the ruins of the bowers of paradise.

                                                       Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776


(Special note:  This writing is Christian based.  Not all of Thomas Paine’s philosophies are accepted by some Christians, or by this author, but the man is on record with amazing literary skill and insights, and as a hero to our nation.  Thomas Paine was a Deist.  Thomas Jefferson was too, but if we discard writings by Deists, we must probably discard the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and other items.  You can see the folly in that line of thinking.  The Deistic view is subtle, and is outside the perameters of traditional Christianity.  But no one can judge Paine’s heart or his standing with God.  Even so, Paine uses scripture like a skilled Bible teacher, and makes some astounding statements supporting Christian doctrines and revelations.

The Paine  philosophy of the “necessary evil of governments” is a good example.  Bible teachers teach that government is an institution of God.  But like the Ten Commandments, government was brought forth to be our teacher, our guide, and our disciplinarian.  Originally, man was not to need the Ten Commandments, or government.  God’s presence and help and oversight was to be all encompassing.  Man’s choices and destiny brought controls, and necessities, deemed appropriate by God, but out of His direct influence.  Jesus and His appearance on the Earth brought the spiritual focus and authority between God and man to a higher plane than the Ten Commandments and governments, and it reinstated the influence of God and the Law of Love in the lives of mankind.  In this respect, Paine’s view of government as a necessary evil is a correct one in this author’s opinion.  For my Christian brothers and sisters, rest assured that my philosophy is to view Thomas Paine’s works in perspective, recognizing the special gifts the man had, but factoring in the inerrancy of scriptures, the sovereignty of God, and the Lordship of Jesus Christ.)


The gun people fight for no gun control, but at this point, we may not have a choice.  If the gun people want freedom, and people to not need controls, then they and many others are going to have to get behind morality and decency, and God’s influence in our nation and the mindsets of its citizens.  The gun people must realize that when character again becomes something each American cherishes, then maybe we can release and dispense with some necessary evils.  If you are an American who feels your freedoms are diminishing, through policies like gun control, I am with you.  I feel for you, but you and I must both get on our knees and pray for a nation that has strayed as far as to create the scenarios we see today.  More from Thomas Paine about governmental intervention shows that even our framers saw this problem at the beginning.


For were the impulses of consciences clear, uniform, and irresistibly obeyed, man would need no other lawgiver; but that not being the case, he finds it necessary to surrender up a part of his property to furnish means for the protection of the rest; and this he is induced to do by the same prudence which in every other case advises him out of two evils to choose the least.  Wherefore, security being the true design and end of government, it unanswerably follows that whatever form thereof appears most likely to insure it to us, with the least expense and greatest benefit, is preferable to all others. 


                                                                Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776



The ones who desire gun control must realize that the control is a necessary evil, which is removable when society shows promise of change.  The controls placed must strike a compromise  between gun enthusiasts and themselves, so that basic amendment rights to bear arms are not removed.


We have prisons to contain the criminal element.  We lock guns away from prisoners, and give them to the guards.  Does anyone not agree with the common sense in that?  But we have criminals on the streets, in the high schools, in the homes, and everywhere.  Some kind of containment is needed for firearms.  It is the necessary evil we must impose to bring some order, and containment, in an imperfect society. But if the thinking patterns do not change, then no amount of gun control will help, because Cain did not need a gun to kill Abel, and neither does anyone else.  God spoke to Cain and warned him before the murder of his brother.   “If you do well, will you not be accepted?  And if you do not do well, sin lies at the door.  And its desire is for you, but you should rule over it.”  Genesis 4:7



I want to finish by discussing violence in the movies, and in the video market. I am amazed at the lack of wisdom  in many parents.  NASA uses  flight simulators.  So does the military.  They also let pilots blow away simulated enemy targets repeatedly until the process is instinctual.  This is positive mental programming to make one good at war.  But these same simulators are offered in every video store.  And they are used heavily by our young people in their bedrooms, with rewards, with blood spattering, with the adrenaline of conquest and aggression flowing mightily. But youth are not seasoned enough to handle the killing process.  They have not lived long enough to totally have an understanding of the value of human life. Is it any wonder or surprise then when a young person sneaks a weapon and does what is instinctual, from high repetition?  The seed principle is always in operation with all people. Statistics reveal that young people have seen an inordinate amount of killings and violent acts by age 18, either through television or movies.  With the ease at seeing gore and bloodshed, while throwing popcorn and candy into one’s mouth, in the comfort of a movie theater or living room, it is no wonder that many young people see little value on human life.  

                I suggest that each young person who loves to be entertained with violence, whether videos or movies, receive some parental guidance, and screening of their activities.  Let the youth see the movie Schindler’s List, another violent movie, as a right of passage.  I am not talking about the very young, but somewhere in the teenage  years, let them get a view of tragic human life as seen from history.  The message of that movie, had the side of evil, where no human life had value.  Racism prevailed, as did violence.  But the hero of the film watched in horror, realizing that atrocities were being done to real people, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters.  He spent his fortune, to free many from death, but by the end of the film, he would have given 100 fortunes to impose value on human life. 


To summarize, this author’s opinion is that the improved family unit and the nurturing of the young is our long range answer to crime. Mentoring programs, help for single parents, and any money spent on youth will return as an investment later with a reduction in prison costs.  Positive mental programming and seed planting of the minds of the youth will create a better harvest, and not a bitter harvest.  Lastly, but not with least importance, the youth of our nation need prayer.


Terrorism - This abstract threat is one that each intelligent American must soberly consider. But can there be common sense applied here?  The terrorism threat is kindling from outside and inside of our borders.  Retribution from outside of America seems to be in groups and individuals who have wrong perceptions of our nation.  We have never been aggressors, but we have struck down aggressors around the globe, in defense of human rights and freedom of smaller weaker nations.  We have made many enemies in doing so, and population growth and technology have made it easier for our enemies to violate our borders. International terrorists must be taken seriously, and the fact that they can obtain and use nuclear weapons, or biological  weapons, must be embraced as a serious threat by our government.  I give credit and thanks to agencies and public servants who work feverishly around the clock to root out and foil terrorist attacks on this nation.  I believe every citizen must be sober and aware about this possibility, but at the same time know we do have a degree of protection. 

Terrorism from other lands and groups on our  nation is deplorable, but understandable.  What is not understandable, and even more deplorable is the attack on our government and people from within our own ranks.  If enough dissenting and subversive voices are tolerated long enough by the people, then there will undoubtedly be small manifestations of evil attack, such as Oklahoma City.  Many want to blame one or two men for that, but I feel that any who broadcast hate for the FBI or the ATF on national radio or printed media publications, or on the Internet,  are as responsible as the unbalanced few who carried out the attack.   We do have freedom of speech in our nation, but then the responsibility goes on the shoulders of the ones who possess such freedom, and that is the people who listen to such garbage and entertain it.   If there is no financial profit or popularity in speaking subversively about our nation, then the poison would dry up quickly.   Many spouted things out of line about Ruby Ridge, and Waco, and other incidents, making federal agencies the bad guys, until someone felt they had to take action.  Sadly, we unwittingly trained Timothy McVeigh to kill our own, with our military, but we did not feed him the poison that brainwashed his mind.  Those who did that know who they are.  We as consumers can only dry up their vocal dissension’s and put them out of business.

We may never be able to stifle all outside terrorists from other nations, but rather we may have to rely on our technology and military might, to protect ourselves. In regards to domestic terrorists, common sense would dictate that our government must continue to be occupied with putting out fires that spring up, such as bombings, or people building biological weapons, or random school shootings, but common sense would dictate that we work on a deeper solution. The attitudes of our people must change.  If we can quench some of the hatred of our system, in these radicals, then we can rest easier at night, as we sleep, knowing we have worked on a root problem. Somehow, the truth must get through, that we are not a divided nation, and that we cannot be plotted against, but rather we are a strongly insulated people, who care, and who love this nation.  Let any unwholesome dissenting voices spewing traitorous words and possible violent solutions that are among us quickly be marked and identifiable, because of the sheer oneness and loyalty of our citizens.  Freedom of speech must always exist, but traitorous and dangerous words should also be dealt with.  If our citizenry stands together, then those opposed cannot stand at all. A house divided cannot stand. 

A Possible Blueprint Against Terrorism

 All of the minds in our nation that have the thinking power must certainly have
thought of this simple idea by now.   If not, I offer it for consideration only
and not as an absolute solution.  Recently, a person who was spiritual in
nature suggested to me that the Creator of the Universe may have blueprinted
the solution to terrorism in the world of micro-biology.   Our bodies are
wonders of nature, and they have remarkable and miraculous powers of healing
and self-defense.   Everyone has heard of attacking free radicals and the
powerful T-lymphocytes and other cells that rush to the spot of attack to fight
the intruders. 

The body and it's cells are a micro-cosm of the larger problem, the macro-cosm,
so to speak,  the nation and it’s attacks.   The world also is a macro-cosm of the smaller
system.  In fact, the powers that be must study this parallel.  Let the anti-
terrorist experts compare notes with the biological researcher, and find out if
any true comparisons and solutions do exist.   This would take a symposium if
sorts, but if solutions were evident or discovered, then the applications could
apply at city, state, national and world levels. Although I am not an 

expert at any of the above, as an author, I will set a course for others.

 A Closer Look

Terrorists can strike anytime, anywhere.   Part of the problem is not knowing
how to respond because of the element of surprise, and confusion.   Attacking
rogue cells have the same nature.   The phrase "free radical cells" is a term that matches terrorists and their activity.   They are "free" to do as they please until after their acts, and then it is too late.  Their "radical" spiritual attitudes warp their thinking and they operate at a level below human standards of sanity.  Because of surprise,
we need systems in place to immediately attack their attacks.   Nipping a plot
or attack in the bud, or in the early formative stages is something Americans
wish would have happened in the past and will happen in the future.  The human body has systems within it to stop attacks in their tracks, or early before too much
damage is done.  This is God's hand, from Creation, and this author feels that
we might be able to borrow or copy the systemization from Him. 

What Would Be Needed In A System Like This?

A brain center to register pain or attacks is needed.    City, state, national
and world brain centers, operating in unison against terrorism would be
ideal.   A national entity created to coordinate this would be helpful.  This might consist of reported computerized information on suspicious movement. 

A central nervous system would help.   This is the pipeline or transit method
of the information.  

A bloodstream or circulatory flow would be an essential ingredient.    The
cells that attack free radicals are called "killer cells".    These cells may
represent elite forces or specially trained units or individuals with the
powerful to do what is necessary to kill plots, systems or individuals who are
representative of the terrorist attacks.   These killer cells operate with the
blood stream or passage way and vehicle that moves the solution to the

People who are symbolized by T-lymphocytes would be necessary to this system.  
These people, as just mentioned, are specially trained, and skilled, selected by
their very gifts and talents, -  in other words, made especially for this
function.   America may need to create a special division in its ranks of anti-terrorism personnel.    Military and non-military must be coordinated.   Some of these would be the FBI, the ATF,  CIA,  Immigration, the Secret Service, also local police, state police, fire and rescue workers, special urban rescue teams; then the military’s Special Forces, (Green Berets)  Navy Seals, Other elite commandos, the Marines, the Army, the Navy and the Air Force.  Bring all this together and trained special departments in each and give them all direct input from a single anti-terror decision making entity, answering to the President.  These specially trained people must be handpicked for mental stability, for we run the risk of them turning against America like Timothy McVeigh.   The highly trained people of our nations military system can be tapped for this work to combat terrorism, because in peace time, they spend the time drilling and with continued practice, and we never seem to get our money’s worth from their high cost training.  These people would make up America’s defense system, and be lent to the world’s defense system, for America will always defend the weaker nations.   If we view this force of people and the ones they protect as a living organism, we can make progress at mimicking the human defense system. 

The flushing or "kidney"  system is a way to repel, cleanse and dispense with
the matter dealt with before too much notoriety is assigned, which is very
gratifying to terrorists, and part of their motivation. 

This author is not a biologist, or a terrorism expert, so this is not an "in
depth"" discussion, but I feel there may be enough offered right here to create
the need or demand of a study to explore just how much wisdom and genius is
hidden in our make up.

Harmonious Living

The preceding cell functions mentioned create a harmonious environment, with the larger body of cells enjoying uninterrupted harmonious living, because a natural defense system is in effect, doing it’s assigned job, and keeping the status quo.   Just as terrorists build networks to cause chaos, a stronger body of workers can be built to cause a network of anti-body types, anti-terrorists networks, functioning much like a human defense system.  Medical minds have long agreed that healthy people enjoy health only because they exhibit strong defensive systems within their bodies.   The “killer cells “ are far superior cells to the destructive attacking cells.  I find it very interesting that the terrorists and the government have labeled the small terrorists groups, “cells”.   The cells of terrorists operate independently and without knowledge of each other of each other as a strategy to keep up each ones own contribution to an attack.  This matches attacking cells also, which can attack anywhere in the body independent of each other. 

The defense cells are of a distinct purpose, and the attacking cells are of another distinct purpose.  The attacking cells are disruptive, while the defensive cells are unifying, protective, and stronger. It is the battle of right and wrong, good and evil, although on a micro-level.  In God's designs, good is always stronger and dominant, but it must act as though it is.


“It is not in numbers, but in unity, that our great strength lies; yet our present numbers are sufficient to repel the force of all the world.   The continent hath, at this time, the largest body of armed and disciplined men of any power under Heaven; and is just arrived at that pitch of strength, in which no single colony is able to support itself,   and the whole, when united, can accomplish the matter and either more, or, less than this, might be fatal in its effects.”

                                                  Thomas Paine,  Common Sense, 1776 


Symptoms & Pain


The body usually gets a signal from symptoms, pains and other smaller nervous and bloodstream signals, before the killer cells are dispatched to the area in trouble.  This is the body’s early warning system.   Our larger macro-version of the template must also have a developed early warning capacity.   Cells in a human body have what is called “cellular communication.” They develop and grow and divide by presenting their correct design to future generations of cells.   The body is one in attitude, the anatomy is one or unified in it’s goals.   The people of the civilized world want peace and harmony, and the terrorists want death, vengeance, and destruction.   Their dissenting views of society should make them evident.  In this one, respect, their views and their attitudes are the direct give-away, the early warning that is needed.  In our school systems, zero tolerance is permitted on students discussing violence, or rebellion.  It is hard to believe that a terrorist can come to this nation, and reside here while training or planning to attack it, without revealing their ideas to co-workers, or casual acquaintances.   We do not want 1984’s “Big Brother” mentality, where nothing can be said, that is against the state, but intent can be measured over time. 


If the good citizens of the land are more unified, if their cells of people are more in tune with the nation, like good “cellular communication,” then attacking or dissenting voices can become more apparent and evident.   Can it be that the price we have paid for our good citizens criticizing and maligning our nation is that we were numb or blind to true enemies.   Terrorist cells blended in with our own apathetic citizens, who were fragmented and not unified. 




Mankind discovered natural elements that added defenses by bolstering the defensive cells in the body.   Antibiotics have saved many lives with this support.   Can the natural antibiotic of a nation be patriotism, ideals which we believe and live by, being spoon fed into us by caring leaders or given to us by dire circumstances, thrust upon us?   World War 2 was like that, with Hitler and the Nazi hoards creating the unity in America by the sheer threat of danger.  America rallied to patriotism in WW2 and were very strong, acting like a body in unity with it’s natural defense systems in tact. 

 Our level of national patriotism is a foundation of defense.  Let it grow and let many ideas, programs and systems be brought forth to stimulate it. 

I want to submit that the creation of America by Providence is a great wonder, and America at its best is “one nation under God,” and capable of what the wondrous human body is capable of.   All we need to do is pray for Divine wisdom to function this body much like God’s other creations.

  “We are not the little people now, which we were sixty years ago; at that time, we might have trusted our property in the streets, or fields rather; and slept securely without locks or bolts to our doors and windows.  The case now is altered, and our methods of defense ought to improve with our increase of property.”


                                                Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776




National Respect - We cannot force respect from our own people.  If we did, we would not be free.  It is this author's desire to point out that we have a young nation that has been formed and designed with a system worth respecting, and worth following through thick and thin, and into the next millennium.  Thomas Paine in the original Common Sense urged our colonies into a fight.  We need to fight also, but the fight is not against a foreign oppressor, or a highly tangible foe, but a formidable foe nonetheless.   In about 1962, Nikita Kruchev, leader of the Soviet Union, declared that America would self-destruct from within, being her own worst enemy, and he insinuated that his nation would not have to fire a shot.  Since then, we have seen Marxist Communism  fall on its face, while America has grown stronger.  But America does have some serious issues to work through.  Cynicism about Washington D. C. is high.  It seems our citizens get focused on the weaknesses of people in office and judge the whole office, but we must know that we can respect an office regardless of who holds it.  Congress and the Presidency are wonderful structures, all filled with Earthy, and fallible men and women, who try their best.  Our nation's foe is the complacency and cynicism and loss of respect for a system that is unique, effective, and ingenious.  It is the best political system on Earth.  With internal voices of unrest in the air, and with terrorists local and international being held at bay, with criminals and predators in our streets waiting to sheer the wool of our citizenry,  we as Americans need to unify, band together, and lift up a voice of patriotism and respect for America that hasn't been heard since days of antiquity.  I want to give you the last stanza of Thomas Paine's great poem, "The Liberty Tree."


"But hear O ye swains, (tis a tale most profane), How all the tyrannical powers, Kings, Commons, and Lords, are uniting amain, to cut down this guardian of ours.

From the East to the West blow the trumpet to arms, thro' the land let the sound of it flee:

Let the far and the near all unite with a cheer, In defence of our Liberty Tree.


                                                                       Thomas Paine, The Liberty Tree


                A great national pass time has emerged, and I call it Fed bashing.  I’d like to try a different approach here.  Let any person who enjoys this pass time consider this message.


With Appreciation To All Federal Agents and Officials:

“I want to thank all agents, officials, those in management, Directors, officers, and employees of all federal agencies that police our country.  These people have been assigned the task of pest control for the nation, and the public's lack of appreciation is sad.  Some of these are the FBI, the ATF, the IRS, the Immigration Department, and, many, many others.  You have paid for our well-being as a nation with your dearest blood, losses of your brothers and sisters in arms.  You swore to protect our nation, and many have seen you as the enemy.  For this, we must all bear some shame.  Let us make amends and show you our sincerity in it by purposing to speak well of you, to not criticize you, or your errors, and to turn a deaf ear to all who dissent against you in an irresponsible manner, using their small platforms to bring ridicule, and all the time, displaying their own lack of  understanding of who you really are.  Who are you?  Americans, brothers and sisters, and loyal soldiers who uphold our greatest destiny and blessing--freedom.  I consider you all keepers of The Liberty Tree.”


Section 6


Science, Technology, and Advancement - This is one way America has fulfilled and continues to fulfill her destiny.  She is the world leader in this area and many blessings have come to the whole world through America  and her inventive capabilities.  America's freedom has been her greatest asset in the scientific field.  Free enterprise, productivity, and healthy competition has fanned the flames of discovery and invention.  Space exploration, medical discoveries,  and computer technology are dynamic frontiers for America.  These only scratch the surface.  We take so much for granted around us in America.  From earthquake safety to early tornado warnings, to waste disposal and disease prevention through sanitation,  America leads and has the ingenuity to keep her citizens in extreme comfort.  Look at our building codes.  Not many think about that, except when trying to build something, and we have to pay those huge fees for permits, and be subject to monotonous inspections.  But whose skyscrapers would you rather be in during an earthquake?  One year, about 10 years ago, we had the quake in San Francisco, and the death toll was quite low.  Not long after, another country had an earthquake and their buildings toppled like blocks.  Thousands lost their lives, and we had more buildings here, and a higher reading on the Richter scale.  But those building codes and those permits and those monotonous inspections and the architectural ingenuity just let our high rise buildings sway a little.  Do I sound prideful of this nation?  You bet!  The safety, and the comfort we enjoy, and the quality of lifestyle, we must not take for granted.


The World-wide Web is world wide.  No one can argue that. But who launched it?  Who developed the technology?  Where did it come from?  America.  What  exactly will America be doing in science in the new millennium?  How many cures for how many diseases are right there for the taking, with our great scientists standing at the precipice of discovery?  Recent drugs have been released for cancer patients.   Other new ones are in line or being tested.  Millions of people including Americans are waiting on and depending on America for answers to disease.  She has answered so many already. A cure for cancer is near.  Other diseases are pressing us for breakthrough.  We have found so many cures and remedies in nature.  They were put there for us to mine them out.  The cure for cancer probably will not have to be created, it will just have to be found.  What haven’t we tried?  What natural element is out there, like vaccines, made from our own bodies, or penicillin, made from natural elements?  I had a dream about ten years ago that the cure for cancer was found in the ocean.  It was a strange dream.  Some natural element found in the sea, had the secret, according to my dream.  Maybe I had too much pizza.  I am not a scientist.  But maybe we should listen to our dreams, or to the slightest suggestions.  Let’s take off the limits, and the lid.  Let’s consider possibilities and solutions, however silly they may be.  This wonderful Earth has these answers.  Let’s be willing to reach, to dream and envision cures.  Common sense says that this must be the coming decade of the cures.  I encourage all scientists to greater heights. I cannot do what you do.  America is great because each individual does their part.  I will write, and you research.  America, you have a whole world depending on you for answers to disease. Who can raise a dissenting voice against this nation?  Who, domestic, or foreign, will not root her on, to go all the way to her great destiny?


Creativity in the human spirit is abounding in this nation. Scientific breakthroughs are always right around the corner.  We have extreme needs in the area of science.  Do not think we can't rise to the challenge.  Researchers can achieve much if we as a people work together.  Funds are needed, but we need to encourage the scientific field also.  We have not been in the information age very long.  It stands to reason that with shared information, the exponential curve of learning and creativity can increase.  Discoveries and inventions and breakthroughs can come faster.  The sick and dying can be helped.  We have had the industrial age, and many other ages, and waves of advancement, but now, with the information age,  advancement will move with lightning speed.  We must make sure that our character and our wisdom moves as fast.  With abilities to clone, and save life with transplants, and create new technology and solutions, we must pray for humility, and guidance.  We must not let our fast growing technology and discoveries be taken for granted, and have an effect on our good judgment, for then they would be subject to resistance from God Himself, who judges folly, and thwarts it, as He did with the Tower of Babel.  This is common sense.



Business And Free Enterprise - It takes very little common sense to understand that commerce is a great benefit and blessing.  This is a great strength of America.  Profitable business and commerce is a good thing.  Productivity and profit should be the goal.   Part of the genius of America is for citizens to compete with one another and to try with all that is in us to profit, with each citizen holding the same potential in the economy as any of the others.  It is a merit system, and that is why we get so many breakthroughs, so much creativity, and so much resourceful ability and production from our people.  We need to teach a mindset of productivity and prosperity to our children at the earliest age.   I am not talking about greed.  I am talking about work ethic and exercising one's human potential.   Besides work ethic, good business and commerce harnesses powerful Creation principles found in the Bible, such as “the law of duplication, the law of multiplication, and the law of increase.”  Excellent and profitable  business endeavors harness these principles.  The keys to wealth are available to anyone in this land willing to embrace such principles.  


A man or woman invents, through creativity, an idea of a product or a service, and hones the skill and ability to deliver it.  Then, at a strategic time, when the product or service is ready, and already feeding a smaller market, there is a breakout of sorts, whereby the inventor, or entrepreneur duplicates their efforts, creating a larger production scale of the same product or service.  This duplication stage is where the entrepreneur may need an investor with financial backing, or venture capital.  After duplication, “the law of multiplication” sets in, and multiplied efforts bring multiplied returns. The final principle is quite mysterious, and is as unique and miraculous as anything in Creation, for “the law of increase”  moves in by itself with all the beauty and power of a growing tree, or a flower, or a human being in growth. Patterned after the template of dividing cells, and explosive critical mass, this law creates something better than all of its parts, or better than multiplication, for now, exponential growth and return of time and investment floods the entrepreneur with wealth and substance.  The original creativity pays the biggest dividends when the creative entrepreneur can harness each of these principles. 


                I have great admiration and respect for entrepreneurs.  Our nation is built on commerce,  and the strength of our nation is due to a foundation stone of freedom.  Capitalism is a great offspring of freedom.  Capitalism is highly biblical, and American.  Marx's philosophy of the social structure of man took a serious wrong turn when it was not embracing capitalism in its purest form. Profitability is good, productivity is good, and increasing one's  holdings and accounts through freedom of commerce is good.  Business people above all should appreciate the freedom in America.  Daily, many become millionaires.  Countless others dream of it daily.  It is this dream that causes many to aspire to greatness.  But the greatest attribute of capitalism and commerce is creativity.  Invention and discovery are highly encouraged in a society that pays well for it.  Creativity flows in individuals and fulfills people and the realm of commerce gives a liberal opportunity to use one's creativity.  Commerce allows mankind to combine serving his fellow man with profitability.  Altruistic endeavors are combined with profitable ventures in the business realm.  The freedom to progress in the arts, technology and science is allowed in our society and is profitable and should be considered a sacred trust. 


The saying "only in America" has been used in fun and has lost some of its meaning, but think about it.  Where can you go in this world and use your brain to become a millionaire?  Very few places.  The flag means many things.  It causes us to think of our independence.  It causes us to think of our founding fathers and mothers.  It causes us to think of our political system.  But let the stars and stripes remind us of capitalism, free enterprise, and economic opportunity in the style of which the world never saw until America was born.



Business is very shaping and leading to society.  Hollywood is a good example.  Nowhere in civilization did the arts pay so well and have so much influence.  Movies, television and the theater are booming. Millions of dollars pour into this industry daily, creating more ability to produce it and create more demand.  We have seen the technology introduced in Science Fiction in Hollywood practically predict the technology of reality, and sometimes suggest it.  Is Hollywood more art or business?  Without capitalism, Hollywood would have never got off the ground.  We would be in the dark ages in movie making.  This is not a criticism.  It is with wonderment that I write these thoughts.


There is in America, more than in any other country, a large body of people who attend quietly to their farms, or follow their several occupations; who pay no regard to the clamors of anonymous scribblers, who think for themselves, and judge of government, not by the fury of newspaper writers, but by the prudent frugality of its measures, and the encouragement it gives to the improvement and prosperity of the country; and who, acting on their own judgment, never come forward in an election but on some important occasion.

                                              Thomas Paine, To The Citizens Of The United State, 1802-3


                This group of people mentioned by Thomas Paine are entrepreneurs, and business people who powerfully make up the core of strength in our land.  The process has evolved, and become more complex, and lobbying and monetary influence is used in America today, and this group of Americans, whoever they are, are not some secret contingent, organized, and waiting to spring up, but are rather concerned Americans, who love our nation, who don’t know each other, but will act if their way of life and their ability to enjoy the comforts and prosperity is threatened.  Many have thought that the strength of our society solely rests in Washington D.C., but the framers did not design it that way.  Equally strong is the corporate structure, and the capitalistic fabric that holds the whole nation together.  Here is a good example of what Thomas Paine and I have stated here:  The hustle and clamor following the speeches of the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board is greater than the hustle and the clamor following the speeches of the President.  All I am saying is that we must be realistic and sober as to what flow of power is greatly influential and who else actually wields some power in this nation. 


The human spirit has been able to accomplish much through freedom and enterprise in the country.  However, we have not even scratched the surface of it.  But here is the sacred trust.   We can do business with an excellence that is truly American.  Business as outlined by our Creator can be truly profitable, and that is the gift.  But there is an obligation in it to serve and not to take.  We provide a valuable service, a needed commodity, or we progress mankind with our commerce, or we don't do it.  I call every business person into account to examine what they are providing to our society and to streamline their offered product or service to benefit and help, and then to prune the unwholesome branches, to take out the parts that don't bring a real contribution to others.  This may bring many in industries such as the tobacco industry, violent video and entertainment industry, or the pornography industry into serious self-examination of their contributions. With this attitude in business, we then can exceed all expectations of profit and productivity.  This is our destiny in business.  We are fulfilled by meeting needs and providing quality, decent services or commodities.  Making a large amount of money from a business endeavor is pure and good, but not if there was an exploitation to build or achieve it, or a continual exploitation in the usage of the product or service.   The point is to excel in service and quality, and to profit mightily while making a contribution and to take pride in doing so.  This is truly American.


I want to urge many here to believe in our current financial system, and  not to buy into every theory about collapse, no matter how credible the speaker or writer may be.  We have some hidden strengths not even evident yet in the financial arena, with creativity, sound principles, and “American know how.”  We are sailing along strongly right now economically, and very little can topple the structure.  But it takes very little.  Our most dangerous enemy is seeds of doubt in our citizens that would cause many to run against financial institutions to obtain their money.  Our enemy is our own belief systems.  We must understand that God and the framers of our government gave us a great trade and economic structure when they gave us a democracy.  Both go hand in hand.  If you love America, do not believe every tale of doom, but believe in our great system.  Keep the faith. 



Section 7


The Root Of Freedom - Mankind from the beginning of time has dreamed of and desired freedom.  But what gives them a heart for it?  I believe freedom is rooted in mankind’s eternal salvation.  The Bible states that the Holy Spirit is an earnest payment of our eternal salvation, a token gift of God’s future intentions.  But according to the Bible, the  Holy Spirit brings liberty.  So freedom and liberty also then become an Earthly sign, a gift, a state of being with a much larger meaning and significance, representing a future intention in the mind of our Creator.  What is Americas true calling and destiny?  Is it her humanitarian efforts, or are those merely symbols of a deeper call?  I would not belittle our humanitarian efforts at all.  But in the universal scheme of things, I believe America’s world destiny was to demonstrate total political freedom, as a sign of God’s total commitment and intentions towards humanity, worldwide. If even one American perishes eternally, when they were born into a light bearing nation, and their individual destiny was to make up a small part of this great purpose, and  they don’t accept the free gift of Jesus Christ, as given by God the Father, then it is wrong, and vain, and a sad thing. 

 Have you ever obtained a book of quotes by the men and women who framed our national government?  These men and women loved God, they were outspoken about Him, and they generally had radically strong faith.  I guess it went with the times.  But is God really locked into one time or another, as the Creator, or does God watch mankind from generation to generation watching which ones will acknowledge Him?  Since our founding fathers were strong in Christian doctrines and faith, and they had such special wisdom to pen great documents, and they had such passion for liberty and greatness in mankind, might we come to grips with the fact that although many don't tread on God's path in this generation like they did, maybe we should? Earlier, I said that our foundations as a land are built on intelligent knowledge and values.  Can we come back to a state of values without God Himself? I do not believe so.


Freedom and liberty are principles founded in the Bible. Early Biblical supporters of freedom were Moses, Nehemiah, Daniel, Jesus, Paul, and many others in the Bible.  The concept of freedom from one thing or another is woven throughout the whole Bible.   Whether Moses was freeing Israelites from slavery, or Jesus was freeing mankind from sin, liberty is apparently God’s idea. 


Thomas Paine had some thoughts on how we are governed, in a free society.


But where says some is the King of America? I'll tell you Friend, he reigns above and doth not make havoc of mankind like the Royal - of Britain.  Yet that we may not appear to be defective even in Earthly honors, let a day be solemnly set apart for proclaiming the charter;  let it be brought forth based on the Divine law, the Word of God; let a crown be placed thereon, by which the world may know, that so far as we approve of monarchy, that in America, THE LAW IS KING.  For as in absolute governments, the King is law, so in free countries, the law ought to be King;  and there ought to be no other.  But lest any ill use should afterwards arise, let the crown at the conclusion of the ceremony be demolished, and scattered among the people whose right it is.

                                                                              Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776


America is quite Biblical.  From our English common law in our court system, to our capitalistic nature, to our very democracy, we are Biblical in nature and of Biblical design.  Many preachers have said we need a theocracy instead of a democracy.  Spiritual organizations should be theocratic, but secular organizations or countries can be only democratic.  That is the only way that the law and the Word of God can be King.


Near three thousand years passed away from the Mosaic account of the Creation, till the Jews under a national delusion requested a king.  Till then their form of government (except in extraordinary cases, where the Almighty interposed) was a kind of republic administered by a judge and the elders of the tribes.  Kings they had none, and it was held sinful to acknowledge any being under that title but the Lord of Hosts.  And when a man seriously reflects on the idolatrous homage which is paid to the persons of kings, he need not wonder, that the Almighty, ever jealous of his honor, should disapprove of a form of government which so impiously invades the perrogative of Heaven. 

Monarchy is ranked in scripture as one of the sins of the Jews, for which a curse in reverse is denounced against them.  The history of that transaction is worth attending to. 

The children of Israel, being oppressed by the Midianites, Gideon marched against them with a small army,  and victory, thro' the Divine interposition, decided in his favour.  ,The Jews, elate with success, and attributing it to the generalship of Gideon, proposed making him a king, saying, rule though over us, thou and thy son and thy son's son.  Here was temptation in its fullest extent;  not a kingdom only, but an hereditary  one, but Gideon in the piouty of his soul replied, I will not rule over you, neither shall my son rule over you,  THE LORD SHALL RULE OVER YOU.  Words need not be more explicit;  Gideon doth not decline the honour but denieth their right to give it;  neither doth he compliment them with invented declarations of his thanks, but in the positive style of a prophet charges them with disaffection to their proper sovereign, the King in Heaven. 

                                                                            Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776


The Israelites went on later to not heed scripture, and to demand a king of the prophet Samuel, who again warned them of the folly, but God finally gave them their way, with warnings of great difficulties, and they were sorry afterwards.  God allowed them to have King Saul, who ended his reign very oppressively, and as an insane king.  The first time I ever read these words of Thomas Paine's, about the biblical account of Gideon, I was filled with pride for our nation.  Why?   Because of the beautiful way our founding fathers modeled and fashioned America in a form that allowed God to have rule in a government, by letting laws be King, and then by founding most laws on the Ten Commandments, which are the Word of God from Heaven.  Why has America been a blessed nation?  Because the framers used Divine wisdom in structuring a nation that let liberty and freedom rule, with a well oiled machine that gave honor unto God in our midst.  Our laws are God’s, and our freedom was designed into our midst by wise men of God called framers. Our forefathers gave us a concept that is self regulating, with God in the equation.  Many Americans claim to be atheists, but Americanism and atheism are opposites.  America is what it is because of God, and that includes every citizen.


                God desires that men and women be free in spirit, and soul and body.  That means that political freedoms are as much a gift of God as spiritual ones.   Our free nation is of God.  Our money says "In God We Trust."  One song that is a national favorite says: "God crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea."   Another favorite says: "In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea, with a glory in His bosom that transfigures you and me, as He died to make man holy, let us live to make man free, His truth is marching on." Ask yourself the following about this song: what truth is marching on?  The truth about who God is? Maybe. But how about this truth: God is with America.  That truth is marching on. Our political freedom is based on God being with us, and having been with us since our nation was formed.  How have we achieved so much, and how have we grown so large and strong, and how have our very foundations and ideals been preserved these 220 years as a nation?  How have we been a light bearer for other nations desiring freedom?  How have we produced more goods and inventions than any nation or even more than all the other nations combined from the beginning of time?  We must not have pride in ourselves for having done this, but rather we can have a national pride that acknowledges God in our midst, and God in our foundation stones.


                Imagine a huge group of people going to a distant land  and setting up a society.  Because of human nature, some may want the power, and will try anything to get it.  Others will want a king, like they had elsewhere.  Still others would not mind an "anything goes" society where no laws apply, and people will be subject to criminals, and stronger and mightier oppressive people will be harming them for their goods.  The one thing they are all in agreement on is that they want freedom, and liberty in this new society. So they meet to discuss the form of government, and they look at history, and they delve into scriptures, because of the accurate accounts of ancient history recorded there.  They realize they want people behaving, and honoring rules, but they want them free, without tyranny, and kings, and rulers who abuse them.  They want the ideal society, and they want an adherence to the Ten Commandments, of which seven relay proper conduct towards one's fellow man. They want the people to rule, themselves.  They know there is a way, but what form will they choose?  This would take no small thought and contemplation.  Many meetings would be required, and many debates.   First, this group would have to break their allegiance to the old nation they came from, and declare themselves an independent state.  Then, they would have to frame laws and ways to rule that wouldn't crowd freedoms and personal rights.  Have you figured out that I am talking about that famous group called colonists, our forefathers?  God guided them through this seeming impossible feat of building and framing.  It was bipartisan, and it was sacred.  We were birthed in an outward revolution, but an inward unity.  Unity cannot be achieved in people except God be in their midst.  Unity is from the Kingdom of God, while divisiveness is from darkness. 


The Apostle Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 3:17,  "….Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty."  According to this statement by God, America is only free because the Spirit of God is here.  Shut God out, and watch the evil enemy of man enslave him and snuff out his potential.  Tyranny follows where there is a bankruptcy of God's presence and principles in a society.  We see nation after failing nation that has done this.  But America need not do this. God is calling to Americans for the new millennium. God is with the whole nation, by His Spirit, but that does not mean He is with each citizen individually, unless they each welcome Him and His free gift of freedom, one by one.  God does not come where He is not welcome. But to welcome Him, is to embrace a secure future and destiny.  If this was done, many would see individual releases from addictions and bondage, for where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.  The Bible indicates Jesus is returning, no doubt in the new millennium.  While this creates hope and expectancy in believers,  we must come to grips in the present with how we live.  There are answers to our difficulties in God, as there were when our great nation was formed.






In these seven sections, I have endeavored to speak to the hearts of Americans.  That I am proud to be an American, is a fact that I hope is obviously displayed in my writing.  That God is reigning over America is another fact I hope is displayed.  That America has a bright future is a fact I wish to convey in the most powerful of language.  For America to agree with a common sense approach to our next steps into the new millennium is the whole theme of this essay. 

The seed principle of God’s Kingdom is shared throughout this whole essay. Whether we are discussing politics, or Y2K, or crime, or terrorism, or free enterprise, the seed principle is being presented.  Why?  Because God states in the Bible that however a person sows, is how that person or nation will reap.  Today’s thoughts, decisions, and actions are seeds that determine our tomorrow’s.   The biggest “common sense”  fact and principle that God has given mankind is the knowledge and understanding of the seed principle.  Let us embrace positive thoughts and ideals as seeds for our future.  I challenge my readers to help me get this essay into the hands of prison inmates, and school students who are newly on a path to dark behavior.  If they, through intelligent thought processes, and the seed principle, could perceive the greatness of our nation, and the privilege of being born here or living here, they would not so easily commit crimes against our citizens or our government.  Those in dissent against this nation vocally must also embrace  some new seed thoughts to replace critical ones.  Those in fear or expectancy of doom about Y2K must also embrace new seed thoughts.  God says a person will have a harvest on the seeds they sow.  But the harvest always outweighs the amount of seed sown.  Sowing the wind reaps a whirlwind.  Sowing a small thought can reap a huge outcome.  We must guard our thinking as Americans.  We must think wholesome and patriotic thoughts.  Thoughts become words.  Therefore, the seeds we think about either help or corrupt others.  Thoughts and words also become actions. 

I have purposely not dealt with prophecy or future apocalyptic events.  I believe it to be pleasing to God that we trust Him, love our country, love our fellow man, plan for a good next century, love life, make our destiny a bright one, and expect a rich, full future, on Earth. That kind of thinking makes our present stay a better one.  If God doesn’t give us much more Earthly time, that is His business.  He alone knows the timetable. You and I kept the planet and the watch the best we could while He trusted us with it. We also considered our fellow man in ways that are honorable. We will want Him to say “well done” someday.

 I wish you a prosperous, happy, and peaceful new century, and millennium, and I wish you to be a true American, and to have all the benefits that America has to offer in the new millennium.