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copyright 2008 by Greg Nichols

Let it Rain, Lord!


copyright 2008 by Greg Nichols


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Let it rain Lord.  Let it rain. God has always been faithful to pour out refreshing power and life on His thirsty, needy and hungry people. The Bible has always used rain to symbolize that refreshing.  In ancient Israel, if there was a drought, people starved.  Their very life was tied up in their ability to grow crops.  They had no local grocery to run to like we do.  If the heavens dried up, there was no food.  People got very hungry. They also got very thirsty.  Rivers and lakes dried up, bubbling springs and brooks disappeared, and wells gave out. Then, the people of God had to go into a time of deep spiritual repentance, fasting and crying out to God for deliverance.  God had to answer, if their lives were to be spared. But often these same people, when times were good, forgot God.  They got very rebellious and sinful. They established and erected great idols like Baal.  They even got so drunk with sin and the ethereal affect it had on them, they at times sacrificed their babies and children on altars to these idols. In famines, some ate their children.


In times of great sinfulness by the children of Israel, in addition to droughts, they also got attacked by enemies and they got carried off to other lands and put into slavery. You can imagine that this all gave Satan great joy.  He got to see droughts, famine, starvation, sin, slavery, war, murder, idolatry and every manner of evil.  Hell was visiting earth. But how did God feel?  These were His people, His children, and His seed.  God can cry.  God sheds tears and displays emotions.  Did you know that these ancient Israelites were not born again?  That could not take place in a human until after the Cross of Christ.  However, because God had established the 1st Covenant with His people, the seed of Abraham, through the giving of the law, the teachings of Moses and the other prophets, and His miraculous help to them at strategic times in the past, they had the capability to cry out to God for help, deliverance, and refreshing.  One great refreshing came with the rain.  God in His mercy, even though they did not deserve it, would send a healthy abundance of rain on the earth and water their wells, brooks, and lakes and He would bless their crops and end their suffering. 


God would move on a prophet and instruct him to pray and declare an end to the drought.  This happened with Elijah and other prophets too.  The prophet would use the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit to work the miracle of ending the drought.  Rain brought refreshing and life.  Rain brought solutions.  Rain gave sustenance and abundance. Rain washed away the dirt and the filth accumulated by a drought ridden land.  Let it rain for us, Lord, today in our lives.




The Holy Spirit is Rain!


Let it rain Lord. Begin your rain Holy Spirit, with the words of this writing. God has symbolized the gift of His Holy Spirit using water and using rain many times in Scripture.  Jesus Himself called the Holy Spirit “water.”  (“If anyone thirst, let him come to me and drink. He who believes in me as the scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water. But this He spoke concerning the Spirit, whom those believing in Him would receive; for the Holy Spirit was not yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified.”  John 7: 37a-39)  Jesus has now been glorified and the Holy Spirit has been given to us.  Once it rains, rivers swell.  As you receive the rain, God can swell the rivers in your heart to a major outflow.


Let it rain.  It is no accident that reign and rain are pronounced the exact same way.  The King of Heaven “reigns” because the Holy Spirit has “rained” upon the Earth.  After Jesus’ Death and Resurrection, there were other key Christian events.  They were the Ascension, which signifies his return to us later, and Pentecost, which is the event which gave the church of Jesus Christ the gift of the Holy Spirit.  But God’s Holy Spirit is really for the whole world, one must only be born again to receive the Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit rained all through the ages.  He rained upon Abraham showers of blessings. He rained upon Israel using Moses and the Ten Commandments.  He rained by the prophets of old, He rained by sending Jesus to Earth, and He rained at Pentecost by sending the Holy Spirit. 


Let it rain. At times of worship as I stand in the presence of God, I sense waves of glory flooding my soul, like warm spring rain, and the needs of my life, the solutions and the answers are coming in to my heart.  This is the power and the anointing needed to stand against Satan, to stay in faith and to overcome in life. But even more importantly than my problems, I am getting to know Him, to trust Him more, to be intimate with the God of the Universe.


In Joel 2: 23, God makes an amazing promise which has partially come to pass, but the remainder is yet to be. 


“Be glad then you children of Zion, and rejoice in the Lord your God; for He has given you the former rain faithfully, and He will cause the rain to come down for you – the former rain, and the latter rain in the first month.”  Joel 2: 23


Let it rain Lord. Did you ever get caught in a downpour of rain?  It hits everything and everyone and no one is exempt, unless they go indoors.  If you go stand out in a downpour of rain, you will get wet, and your thirst may be satisfied, and the dirt and the dust will get washed off.  Anyone who wants to get wet can get wet. Anyone who realizes it is raining outside and runs out in it is not disappointed.  God knew this when He chose rain as a symbol of His love and anointing of His Holy Spirit. Rain is never so welcome to thirsty people as right after a drought.  People who feel sinful or fleshly and somewhat thirsty and dry of God’s Holy Spirit and His presence need the Holy Spirit to rain in on their lives.  If you find out He is pouring Himself out, you can run into the flow and get the downpour poured out on you.  It is for everyone, but not everyone will get it, but those who open themselves and believe His Word in Joel 2, here will get it. It is for you.  You can be watered with the Holy Spirit now.  You can be watered by God which will cause life to flow again in you.


Let it rain Lord. Get ready for a supernatural experience in God. Get ready to receive Divine Love and blessing. God has already released the former rain, but right now He is releasing the latter rain on the earth.  It has begun.  God is releasing the latter rain and it will not stop until Jesus returns for His church.  The former rain was the giving of God’s Spirit on Earth to Christ, and then Jesus obtaining the gift of the Holy Spirit for His church.  The latter rain was evidenced in the early 1900s and it has been raining ever since. But the church has seen nothing compared to what is coming, because God is going to pour out on us – Zion, the church, the latter rain and the former rain at the same time.


Scripture can have more than one meaning at a time.  It is January right now, the first month.  Note the scripture above, that God is going to pour out the former rain and the latter rain in the first month.  Today is your day, and this is your month. Let it begin today.  Make a stand that you will be a receiver of the former and the latter rain.  Begin receiving it today, it is the first month of 2008, and keep receiving the former and the latter rain until Christ returns.


“And it will come to pass afterward, that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh;  your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions; and also on my menservants and my maidservants I will pour out My  Spirit in those days.”  Joel 2: 28-29


Let it rain Holy Spirit.  Let it rain. Note that God said He will do this afterward.  This is afterward, we are in afterward.  The church will become more supernatural, with prophesying, miracles, dreams, and visions from God’s Holy Spirit.  Azuza Street in 1906 was the latter rain.  The Welsh revival was the latter rain. The great healing revival of the 1940’s was the latter rain.  God is doing it again.  But this time, He is pouring out the former and the latter rain at one time, and it has begun.  You need to step into the middle of it.  You need to open your eyes and your arms and embrace what God is doing.  Many will not see it, and that will be their loss. But it will take an awfully hard heart to miss this coming revival of God’s people.


What Can You Expect If You Embrace This Move of God?


Let it rain. You will walk in power as never before. You will wield Gifts of the Holy Spirit and have miracles in your life. God will give you healing power for yourself and for others also.  You will be able to prosper financially with God’s help as never before. Your loved ones who have run from Jesus will cry out for His salvation. You will walk in such peace and the presence of God in your life that people will be amazed at the grace of God you possess and emit into life’s dark situations.


Let it rain. Do you want this?  Can you use this?  Cry out to God for His rain. It can rain glory today in your house.  Forget the umbrella, you want this rain.  It is an absolute privilege for me to live in this hour of destiny and be able to write this to you, prophetically, by the unction of God’s Holy Spirit. 


Let it rain.  If you have not seen or walked in a supernatural Christianity before now, it can change now.  God wants to rain grace and power on you.  All you have to say is, “Lord, let it rain” and receive the rain by faith. Say it now, say it out loud.  “Lord let it rain.  Let in rain on me.  I receive the former and the latter rain.  I receive your Holy Spirit.”


Let it rain. Do not be deceived any longer by the doctrines of men that God cannot do this or is not doing this today.  Do not shy away from the power of God, or the prophetic realm.  Miracles are yours. Power is yours.  Have you received Christ?  Then it is all yours, by inheritance.  Do not let Satan steal it ever again. He is a thief and liar from the beginning. Embrace Jesus, and embrace His Holy Spirit.


Let it rain. Grace will flow down from Heaven on you like rain, and the Spirit of God comes like warm rain.  Let it rain.  Let it rain over you and your family.  Let it rain over your city.  I have a word form the Lord on audio for you, and a little music, please stop to hear it.  As you hear it, close your eyes, and raise your hands to Heaven. Get honest if you must before God, and get tender, and intimate, and let His Spirit rain on you.  There is a supernatural anointing on this audio, be open for God to do anything. There is special music on the audio too.  Let it rain. 


We love you at White Fields Ministries!


God loves you. 


Let it rain on you. 


Greg Nichols


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