The Ascent Of Man  Part 2

copyright 2003 by Greg Nichols

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Mankind's Choice and Folly

 What mankind has mostly missed through vanity and vain pursuits is that God highly favors and esteems man, as the crown of His creation.  God loves man, and does not desire that any person go to hell, not even Charles Darwin. Hell was made for Satan and the fallen angels, and if any human being ends up there, it is not God’s will.  God wants His kids around Him for eternity.  In addition to this fact, man has missed through his own blindness and stubbornness huge Earthly blessings throughout the generations and relief from, and abatement of, human suffering, these things God was willing to do, because He is a loving Father! 

Why is man so blind to this fact?  There is an ignorance of these facts in man’s mind. But mankind is not simply plagued with ignorance. This is a deeper problem, than mere ignorance. Man can awaken from the sleep of ignorance fairly easily, once he is enlightened.  So what is the real root of the problem here?

 “And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.”   John 3:19


Men choose evil.  That is the simplicity of it.  Men find out about the light of Jesus and reject the light.  Why?  Because they do not want to release their evil deeds and thoughts.  This is the root of the problem that seems like ignorance, but it is really a very odd phenomenon called “unbelief.”  Unbelief is defined as hearing the truth and turning from it.  Doubt is not as severe.  Doubt exists due to a lack of information.  Doubt is more easily overcome.  Just get more information!  Unbelief has received the information, but refuses the information. Unbelief is a sin, and it is the condition of the heart that causes one to go to hell.


Darwin And Intellectualism!


The intellectual mind can be saved, but must overcome more obstacles to have simple faith in Jesus Christ.  All things are possible with God, and God loves the intellectual.  God gave them their minds in the first place.  If you are an intellectual, God wants to use your mind, you simply need to submit it to God first, in a humble manner using raw child-like faith! 


Darwin, an intellectual, was a student of science, and utilized his mind to question his world.  Once Darwin got to Heaven, (if he got there) as He faced His Maker, who had no similarities to apes whatsoever, I think he was in awe of what he saw.  I can imagine this being said:  “Lord, I thought I was using my mind to disprove You and Your existence, I had no idea all those years I was supposed to use it to prove You, and to bring You glory.  Oops!” 


You and I can learn this now, while yet on Earth, that we must prove God, and glorify God with our love, and our goodness, and our keen minds. If you are reading this article, you are interested in God’s kingdom, and its workings, and its furtherance.  Get a grasp on Creationism and other principles, and on the Word of God, and build people up around you in your sphere of influence!  Soon, you will be face to face with your Maker, and you will have His smile at your service to Him!




Some bones were found and evolutionists classified them as a grouping of early man known as Neanderthals. Although the WWF and professional wrestling gives me an urge to believe in this kind of human, we know that this is a poor proof of our originating from apes, and man was not actually once totally Neanderthal looking.  The creationists have found that Neanderthals were a group of humans suffering from a malady, and evolutionists took a severe wrong turn in classifying them as some kind of evolved ape-man. All joking aside, the Neanderthal rabbit trail is just that, and a good example of “wrong premise-biased theory” which has happened over and over again.


Common sense dictates to me and many others that Creation provided us many species and enjoyments of creatures for our benefit, and every other species on Earth was placed here for the use and benefit and service of man.  Man was to be a type of God to the animals, not to evolve from them.  I want to show you some Darwinian reverse gospel and reverse logic here!


Here is an excerpt from The Descent Of Man, by Charles Darwin.  (1871)


“Many kinds of monkeys have a strong taste for tea, coffee, and spirituous liquors: they will also, as I have myself seen, smoke tobacco with pleasure.6 Brehm asserts that the natives of north-eastern Africa catch the wild baboons by exposing vessels with strong beer, by which they are made drunk. He has seen some of these animals, which he kept in confinement, in this state; and he gives a laughable account of their behavior and strange grimaces. On the following morning they were very cross and dismal; they held their aching heads with both hands, and wore a most pitiable expression: when beer or wine was offered them, they turned away with disgust, but relished the juice of lemons.7 An American monkey, an Ateles, after getting drunk on brandy, would never touch it again, and thus was wiser than many men. These trifling facts prove how similar the nerves of taste must be in monkeys and man, and how similarly their whole nervous system is affected.”


End of Excerpt.


Monkey Rugs


I’d like to shine light on this poor soul’s darkness!  Yes, monkeys may smoke tobacco with pleasure, but I also think they would smoke manure with pleasure also. They like to use their hands, do tricks, and all kinds of mischief dexterously.  Darwin makes many comparisons to man and animals, in observations like this one.  When I was a boy, birds would fly into our windows drunk on fermented berries they had been feasting on.  A drunken animal does nothing to prove man and animal are related.  Alcohol will effect a fruit fly or a lizard also.  What alcohol does to a monkey is not impressive.  Many dogs love beer, and stagger drunkenly at the massive consumption of it.  Guys all over America at Super Bowl parties give their dogs beer, to amuse their friends, and the dogs really seem to love it.  Some dogs get the cans or bottles right from the fridge. But I will not share the gospel with dogs, or monkeys, or birds and try to save their souls.  They are absolutely not in the same life sphere as man.

Many many people do, however, show the utmost concern for an animal in some movement to save seal skins or whales, or certain animals from suffering, and it is possible some of those people would not walk across the street for a suffering person.  This kind of thinking has a Darwinian flavor to it, if that word is appropriate, for that kind of thinking is not flavorful at all. Also Darwinian in design is the act of abortion, for people are thinking of the unborn babies as a lower species, when each of those are a human being in the image of God.  Many would read this and say, a fetus is not a baby,  it is a woman's body part.  This justification is also of this Darwinian brand of thought - the denial of the Divine creation of man, in any generation.

The Peterson murder case in Modesto, California reveals an interesting fact. News reporters all over America, the day the mother and baby washed up on shore, reported that a full term fetus had washed up on shore. Although this baby got through nine months, and was dead, it was full term and not a fetus, but a baby.  I watch NBC in the mornings, and Matt and Katy and others on there, all said "full term fetus."  I thought a full term pregnancy was a baby, according to medical thought, and not a fetus.  I think this slip up reveals much of the true heart of the abortion movement, the dehumanization of man, the rejection of God's role as the giver of life, and common sense. The media and the medical people and the liberal abortionists, should just get honest with themselves, and use the terms they are really thinking.  What are those terms?  "Wanted baby" or "unwanted baby."  This Darwinian thought and Godless mindset is permeated throughout our society, in every crook and cranny, down to every social level and age group.  Hitler used Darwinian thought for his holocaust, and this lowering or descendency of man in decency and self esteem will create one holocaust after another in this world.

The fact that monkeys have the same "nervous system make up" as a man does not prove they are distant cousins, but only proves the intelligent Creator understood that if they were to survive and prosper in the same environment He was placing man into, that they would need a similar nervous system to function.  Remember, monkeys and apes were created for our pleasure, to watch and to inhabit a bountiful Earth, but if they had no nervous system like man, they would lay around like rugs.  Monkey rugs. How enjoyable would that be for man?


One huge wrong turn by evolutionists is that the Earth is over 100,000,000 (100 million) years old.  Darwin’s theories would need this kind of time for the evolving to take place.  Man could simply not evolve from apes in a few thousand years.  But I believe this is a huge pitfall, for the Earth is truly only a few thousand years old.  Creationists are finding out there was a flood about 5,000 years ago, from the Earth terrain and from certain findings, but that is another teaching.    


Earth, You Have Aged Well!


To switch gears here, let’s discuss the age of the Earth, and mankind. The Earth is said by Creationists to be about 6000 years old.  Biblical scholars have confirmed this fact.  This is broken down with 4000 years from Adam to Jesus, and about 2000 years from Jesus to now!  I personally do not believe we are over 6000 years, but under it.  Yes, I know it is 2003, but we were not using the calendar 2000 years ago.  It came much later, and people had to guess the beginning of A.D., the birth of Christ. Genealogies have been used to support the age of the Earth, and scripture has been used.  Evolution states the Earth has existed millions of years, and the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago.  But creation scientists have found serious problems with these theories.  Trees at Spirit Lake in Washington State were found petrified in a 10-year period after the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, in a process that was thought to take thousands and even millions of years.  This caused scientists to re-look at other things already dated and question dates of rock sedimentation, of fossils, and much more.  It seems our wonderful Earth and nature has a way of tricking us as to dates and times.  Even carbon dating was once debunked because a living mussel shell was read to be millions of years old by the carbon dating process.  But remember, everyone sets out to prove the premise of their bias, whether it be true or not.  We have a planet that can be proven to be millions of years old, with less than perfect methods, because our mysterious planet does not give up her mysteries easily, and many can be made a fool in the process.  In the Word, God speaks of stumbling blocks, which would trip up lost man, but His people would be able to wade through or to step over the stumbling blocks, through wisdom.  God is not about to clue in the grossly wicked to anything, or those who do not know Him intimately.  He once had all mankind, two people, in a close harmonious relationship with Him, where He shared everything with them.  Ever since the fall, man has been groping in the darkness.  This is not God's doing, it is man's doing.  It is more man's problem than it is God's, but He loves us!


One explanation that more proof of Biblical facts has not survived for examination is that God requires faith, as faith is God’s own personal characteristic, and we are made in His image. Proof of everything God states in the Word actually shipwrecks faith, or invalidates it, and that must not be done in a fallen world, which is under the curse of sin.  If we had the Ark of the Covenant, or the Ark of Noah, or even the Cross of Christ, in our possession, in museums somewhere, those would be the objects of worship of mankind, instead of Biblical and scriptural faith in an invisible God, which is the God kind of faith!  Could it be that we will find those artifacts someday, right before the end, as God wills?


There is an invisible spiritual war for the hearts of man, between God and Satan, and hosts of other beings in the two realms of good and evil, and God’s realm is based on faith, while Satan’s realm is based on sense knowledge, reason and fear.  Darwin functioned in this latter realm. Faith is a force issuing from the human heart, while reason is a product of the human mind. If faith and reason go to battle, reason receives a TKO every time.  Reason must yield to faith. One of the biggest misunderstandings religious people have had is this fact:  God wants mankind itself to settle the battle and the war, between faith and reason, under the leadership of Jesus, using his own faith, in personal victories all over the globe.  Individual man is called to individually conquer Satan and evil in his own life, with God’s help, and also collectively as the church of Jesus Christ. This becomes the enforcement of the Cross of Calvary and the redemption of man! 


God’s Word says the planet is about 6000 years old. It says He made man in His image. It says He caused a great flood. It says Jesus came and died for the sins of the whole world. Jesus, a man, ascended back to Heaven, the ascent of a man!  It says that Jesus would return one day to get believers. This will be the final ascent of all men. (Please be aware that the term men includes men and women, and it is only a figure of speech to say “men”) I believe it all. But why do I believe the Earth is not quite 6000 years old?


1000 Years As One Day!


In 2 Peter 3, the Apostle Peter gives a serious discussion of the last days and the return of Christ.  He does not give a date, of course.  But there are clues hidden there. In verses 3-5, it says,


“Knowing this first, that scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts, and saying, where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.”


What a great question.  Things seem to just continue on.  Even the doomsayers that thought we’d see an apocalypse at the millennium were somewhat taken aback, when nothing happened.  All things seem to continue.  The Earth keeps turning on its axis. People keep doing business. Scoffers today mock and laugh at Christians, who outwardly seem to have their hopes in fantastic promises that will supposedly not be fulfilled. 


But Peter writes more as we look at verse 4-5.  I think you had better read this carefully.  If you are not saved, read it even more carefully.


“For this they willfully forget: by the Word of God the heavens were of old, and the Earth standing out of the water and in the water, by which the world that then existed perished, being flooded with water.”


Peter is saying, God flooded the Earth while people scoffed, and only spoke a word to do it.  The scoffers perished. Only a few were saved. Peter goes on in verse 7: 


“But the heavens and the Earth which now exist are kept in store by the same word, reserved for fire until the Day of Judgment and perdition of ungodly men.”


Now Peter is saying that using the same word, God’s Word, at God’s will and timing, fire and judgment will come and people will perish as before, just like the flood.  Can the context be any clearer here what the theme of this writing in scripture is?  I believe the context is, “when will it be?” 


The next verses finalize it and give the clue.


“But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord, one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.”


Peter explains that God could have fried the ungodly a long time ago, but is very patient in hopes that they will repent and hopefully all men can be saved.  He would not even want Charles Darwin to go to hell. I personally think what Peter means, is that in his generation, God might give us another 1000 years, because of His patience, which would be a day on God’s timetable. Maybe it would be 2000 years, which would be two days on God’s timetable.  If God said, “I will wait one more day,” man would get an additional 1000 years.  Why stretch one day to one thousand years?  I believe it is for one reason and can be stated in one word:  “Mercy!”  Mankind was evil enough in 1000 AD, the dark ages, or medieval times, and God said, “one more day,” out of mercy. But at 2000, the evil in man has even grown more from a millennium ago.


But God knew all this at the beginning.  Many Christians believe, as I do, that He wove man's timetable into creation.  He took six days to create the Earth, and on the seventh day He rested.  Many believe that the six days are 6000 years of human history, and the seventh day is the 1000-year millennial reign of Jesus.  Remember, one day is as a thousand years.  I do not believe God will give more time than 6000 years.  Why?  Because He knows the end from the beginning, and if was going to give more, I believe He would have taken another day or two for creation. 


Let me strip some words from the text and lay them together:  Verse 4 - creation, Verse 7 – day of judgment, Verse 8 – one day, Verse 8- one thousand years.   We see a contextual tying together of creation’s one day periods, and the Earth’s judgment and several thousand year periods.  This is a secret key.  Read this paragraph twice if you need to catch this. This seems to indicate that if you count how many one day periods are in Creation, you will know how many one thousand year periods there are until the Day of Judgment.  The apostle is referring to timetables and time periods, in God's plan.  Don't get upset at me for relaying this, Peter wrote it under the unction of the Holy Spirit.


Look at this chart based on 2 Peter 3 and Genesis 1:


God                Man                 God            Man   

1 Day           1000 Years       6 Days       6000 Years


Let’s take one more deeper look at this coded creation timetable. God made the sun and moon on the 4th day.  (Genesis 1:16) The sun is a bright light, giving life and growth, and the moon reflects the light to the world at night. Interestingly, at exactly the 4th day on man’s timetable, He sent Jesus, the Son, (Sun) at the end of the 4000-year point of human history. Along with Jesus came the church, which reflects the light of God’s Son to the world during darkness.  The sun is representing the Son, and the moon is representing the church. The church began on the end of the 4th day, as did Jesus’ Earthly ministry to the lost.  4 days is equal to 4000 years according to 2 Peter 3.


The calendar is obviously off, because I believe Jesus will return at the 6000-year mark.

But I will not say when that is, because that is not possible.  One thing is sure. If I am correct, then 2000 A.D. was not the 2000-year mark, obviously. Only God knows the timetable.  Here is another clue.  Jesus rose at the beginning of the 3rd day, or, right after the end of the 2nd day.  He also left Earth around 4000 AD, and said He’d be back soon. That is no accident.  That is exactly on the same timetable as the 6-day creation scenario. Two days is as 2000 years with God according to 2nd Peter 3.   At the end of two days, He came back from the grave.  At the end of two thousand years, He is due back.  His return from the grave symbolizes and earmarks a timetable, of His return to Earth from Heaven.

Am I being irresponsible or predicting the time of the return of Christ?  No!  I am only pointing out that there is a time-table. The date, and year, is still a mystery, even according to this teaching.

Remember, there is this sentence: 


“But the day of the Lord will come as thief in the night,”  (2 Peter 3: verse 10) 


God alone knows when this period is up. I am just a Bible teacher showing you some cool stuff that I believe all fits together and is very accurate.  I am not the first to teach it, I am just a delivery boy.  Many teachers are teaching this timetable information right now. I cannot tell you when, but I can say it could be today.  In one hour, we could have the rapture of the church.  If you buy a car on a 3-year loan, you may not get to the end.  This thing is close.  Do you see why I started this ezine?  Could we get some solid teaching out about this information?  Am I being an alarmist, or just practical?  Should we warn people of immanent danger in ungodly living and a lack of faith? Can you help by sharing this with people?  Is the Internet possibly the way the gospel will go around the globe, in mass, at the end?


Wow, That’s A Close One!


If that information did not pop your cork, get this next part!   According to many excellent Bible scholars, the millennial reign cannot begin until after the rapture and the tribulation, which lasts seven years.  To state it another way, the last 1000-year millennial reign of Jesus doesn’t start for at least 7 years from now onward.  That means we are still earlier than 5993 years of human history from Creation.  (6000 minus 7 years)  Remember, the calendar is not correct. If this teaching is correct, it is very soon and sooner than most of us thought.  


Some of you may be confounded or reeling from this information.  Let me say this one last time and another way.  Ancient man, in his cleverness, figured out the calendar. But since men can error so easily, as we have seen, all he would have had to do was miss the thing by 12 years.  If man incorrectly stated the correct date of the birth of Christ, then that could be the reason Christ has not returned yet.  Let’s say the date on our calendars is only 12 years off.  Let’s say the scriptural timetable is correct, and it is God’s plan.  If we are 12 years off, then that would make the year right now, in actuality, 1991 A.D., or 2015 A.D.  If it is 1991 A.D., we would have just 2 years to the rapture, and 7 years to the final judgment, and so on.  The true Biblical year of 2000 A.D. (not our calendar year) is very pivotal, and key! Do you see this scenario?  If we are 10 years off, then Christ could return this year, in 2003 A.D.!  This month!  Today!  No one knows, but God.


If we believe the Bible is true, and that it is God’s Word, and we do, and we believe Peter was writing under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and he was, then we can plainly see the context of his warning and sober words. We can then surmise that we are very soon to see Christ's return, and the ungodly are very soon to perish.  According to the Genesis timetable, the end could not have been before now, not in 1600 A.D., or 1850 A.D., or 1965 A.D.,  but only now, in this generation. 


Mankind’s final ascent is very soon, and it also shows here that man did not evolve, over millions of years, for the Earth is not that old.  Darwin was wrong about that also, but, let’s cut the guy some slack, for there are millions today who subscribe to the darkened error of mankind’s folly.  Man came from God, and through Jesus Christ, man returns to a place of sonship in God.  Man ascends to his eternal home finally, in the end, and this is the true ascent of man! 


What can we learn from this?


1)      Mankind out their darkened minds can really miss the whole thing by a mile!  (Darwin is a good example)

2)      God is kind and merciful and does not want any person to go to hell, even Darwin. 

3)      God’s timetable does not match Earthly calendars.  The fact that believers have not seen the promise of His coming does not mean it is not on schedule! 

4)      With the illumination of God’s Word, and the help of the Holy Spirit, mankind can find out truth, and he can even find out God’s hidden clues, which God wants him to find.

5)      Jesus is the focal point of all human history, and if you use the sun as a symbol of Jesus, and weigh the importance of the sun to the Earth, then you can fathom the importance of Jesus to man. The Sun (Son) gives life and growth, nurturing whatever it or He shines upon! 

6)      If the moon is the symbol of the church, then it’s importance is plainly seen, but the church must be warned that she has the ability to either reflect the Son in all His glory, or to eclipse the Son, to block him from men’s minds, as the moon does to the sun at times. Let the church step forward to her rightful destiny.  The church has at times blocked or eclipsed the view of compassionate Jesus in her own dark times.

7)      The Earth is not as old as it seems, and it does not have as much time left as it seems.

8)      You need to accept Christ before another day passes of Earth’s history.

9)      Darwin tried to create a descent for man, but God has in mind an ascent for man!


I have much more on this, but this ezine must end, so trust that more will be coming.  Charles Darwin may have found his redeemer just in time to escape judgment.  So can you! You can receive Jesus or come back to Jesus at any time, and God the Father will accept you with open arms.

Coming next time:  The Ascent Of Man    Part 3 

If You Have Never Received Christ!

There is a time for everything under the sun, and now may be your time to receive Jesus. God gave Him to you and I as a gift, and if you never do receive Him, you will miss out on the greatest offer and deal humanity has ever received. This is no accident here that you have read this ezine. This was a Divine appointment for your Divine destiny. God set this up and has led you to this point, so go ahead and seal the plan of God, for you, that is, and receive His Son, Jesus.  You must be born again to see the Kingdom of God.  (John 3:3)

Maybe you have only been away from God, but knew Him at an earlier time.  God says, "Come back child" and has arms extended open for you.  Get right in your life with God today!  You owe it to yourself.

Pray this:

Simply repeat this prayer aloud now: 

Lord, I am a sinner, and I need you.  Jesus, I receive you now.  You are God, and I recognize your death and resurrection.  Come into my heart, save me, and give me eternal life.  Forgive me of sin, and wash me clean of all unrighteousness. I am now your child, and I thank you for saving me. Thank you Lord.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

If you said that prayer from your heart, you are now saved and a child of God. The possibilities are endless here for your new life, but best of all, Heaven is settled for you!!

Watch for the next issue of White Fields Ezine, we are going to take this to new levels!  You will get this same chance to say this prayer if you did not this time, in every issue.



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