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The Ascent Of Man  Part 4   The Flood!  (On this page below)

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The Flood - Special Considerations

The biggest natural proof of scriptural validity and accuracy is the changed heart of a person who accepts Jesus and is born again.  After that, I would have to say historically, it is probably the Flood.  There is so much data out on this that I can only hit the high points for you.  In this “Ascent Of Man” installment, I want to show you powerful evidence and arguments that are very hard to deny.  Man has never been able to solve the Flood issue, but many common sense findings and deductions are fascinating, and totally line up with the Word Of God.  Then, in this issue, I want to touch on Dinosaurs.  Believers have much trouble with this subject, but it really all fits together. 

As we shared in the last issue, many famous people of science were believers and many of them believed in Creationism and Flood Geology. Sir Isaac Newton was a Creationist.  Georges Cuvier was a French Christian who founded Comparative Anatomy, Paleontology, and did much research in the area of Flood Geology.  He died in 1832.  As you can see, the modern Flood geologists and Creation researchers have had much groundwork laid in past generations by great scientific minds.

The Tropics

Creationists have a theory called the “Water Canopy Theory”.  Rain was not found upon the earth until the Flood, when God intervened and changed some ground rules of the Creation.  Before the Flood, the Earth’s atmosphere was surrounded by a huge band or canopy of water vapor, which gave moisture to the Earth and created a beautiful and picture perfect tropical environment over the whole Earth.  The Earth was literally watered by dew, and the climate overall was warm and delightful!  This theory seems to support scriptural accounts of the Garden of Eden, and the first man and woman’s warm, pleasant, clothing free environment.  Today we have tropical environments, where tourists flock to and people feel they have made it to Paradise.  Might these be reminders of a world without sin?  Did God leave them for us to enjoy, and to get the message, from Him, through Creation, of evidence of Him and blessings in the distant past?

“For the Lord God had not caused it to rain on the Earth, and there was no man to till the ground; but a mist went up from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground.”  Genesis 2: 5b, 6

Fossils of mammals and dinosaurs (reptilian) have been found in Iceland and other cold and icy climates, where they could not have survived if those past climates had been as they are now.   Reptiles need warmth to survive.  Reptile fossils which have been found in Montana for example, would not survive, if living, in its current climate.  This indicates the high possibility of an earlier tropical climate upon the Earth, which the effects of sin altered.  This theory is supported by information found in the book of Genesis.

Evolutionists will not stand back and look at the common sense here, or even factual data.  If they did, they would be Creation scientists before too long.  The unpopulated Earth outside and inside of the Garden of Eden, had every living thing: birds, fish, sea creatures, mammals, dinosaurs, and more.  They lived in harmony.  Death was not an issue. Man ate green herbs and lived off the garden, and Genesis indicates he may not have eaten animal flesh at all.  The fall of man from the perfect will of God, through sin, created a chain of events that you will see as we share the following teaching. 


Believers get frustrated every time someone mentions dinosaurs, with wonderings like how they fit into Creation, and Earth’s history.  For years, we have swept dinosaurs under the rug.  Some say that God had a multi-million year period before He made man, after He made the Earth.  Creation research has kind of changed all this.  No more do we Christians need to be embarrassed by dinosaurs, or invent a vast expanse of lost years.  Creationism seems to be piecing it together. The bones are here with us.  Real bones have been found, for dinosaurs really did exist.  In fact, God even knows about them, and He doesn’t mind.  You can like them as I do if you want.  I will tell you a little bit about them. But first, let’s go over the Flood.  This is highly condensed information. 

The Biggest Torrential Rain Ever!

Man triggered the Flood, as God did not want to do it.  Man’s sin was the catalyst, and the cause. It affected all of Creation.  If they had weather forecasters in Noah’s day, they would have had egg on their faces.  They would have missed it totally.  Noah forecasted it.  Everyone laughed.  Imagine that old man building a boat, and there is only dry land for miles around, and the people have never seen rain before.  Imagine the old man warning people, or preaching the Word of God of his day.  God put Noah in this circumstance on purpose to teach us a lesson on faith.  He also let Noah symbolize the last generation of Earth, who would be looking again to the sky, for the return of Jesus. That generation is our generation.  We are it.  We do look silly to the world right now.  The earth is going to be judged, severely, as it was back then, except back then by water, and today, Jesus is the only Ark of safety.  We can be adding boards and pounding a few more nails in daily, which is a figurative statement about our growth and walk as Christians and our relationship with Christ.

When I was a boy, I had Bill Cosby’s early record about God and Noah.  It was a riot, and I would listen to it over and over.  In one routine, Noah was complaining and griping one day: (I have to paraphrase from memory)  “God, I don’t get it – why do I have to build this Ark?  I am tired of people laughing at me, I am not gonna do it, I am gonna quit.”  There is a silence.  Then, a very deep, booming voice speaking very slowly breaks the silence:  “Noah!  How well can you tread water?”  Noah said:  “Okay God, I get it, I will build it!”

Pre-Flood Conditions Similarity Prophesied By Jesus

“But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.  For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the Ark, and did not know until the flood came, and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.  Matthew 24: 37-39

Jesus is very specific here. He is talking about us, this generation.  I believe “eating and drinking” represents prosperity, good times, lack of depth of concern, peace, and a general mindset of non-diligence to spiritual matters, or the future of the Earth.  The next phrase, “marrying and giving in marriage” can just be looked upon at face value. I will just say that marriages are up right now, weddings are a huge industry, and they seem to represent long term plans.  Did anyone know that a couple that got married two days before the flood would only have a two day marriage? I can see a young couple now, who got married two days before the flood.  They walk outside on the 2nd day, and the husband says:  “dear, the sky is dropping small drops of water.  It is forming small puddles on the ground.  I wonder what this means.”  Twenty days later, the man and woman are rushing for high ground.  They are climbing over rocks and small cliffs, but the water is foaming and licking at their heels.  They have seen many die.  The man looks back in horror to see a wave grasp his bride.  He reaches for her hand, but the wave pulls her away.  She is washed far away in an instant, as the man cries out in agony at the loss of his new bride.  But his agony is soon over, on the Earth that is, for he just has seconds to live.  The next day, Noah is standing on the Ark’s deck, and he sees a man floating by face down, drowned. For a moment, it looks like a young newly married man he knows.

If this little scenario troubles you, you ought to hear one about a newly married couple being outside the Ark of Jesus in the near future.  I am afraid my imagination cannot even comprehend the horror and sadness of it.  You had better listen to the Noah’s of our day.  Get right with Jesus right now, today.  Reach out to those around you.  Accept Him and His free gift. Do it now.  I am not an alarmist; rather, I am a practical person. Do it. 

God released the water canopy that was over the Earth.  Scientists can think of no other way to get 40 days and nights of rain. That is a lot of water. The collapse of the water canopy created enough water to flood the whole Earth.  According to Genesis, God added the “fountains of the deep” to the water canopy.  These are thought to be volcanoes and geysers. Only the 8 people on the Ark survived.  The number 8 is the scriptural number of new beginnings.  Every 8 keys on a piano, you have a new octave.  Every 8th day, you have a new week. On the 8 thousandth year from Creation, you have the end of the millennial reign of Christ, and the start of man’s eternity in Heaven.  There are over 270 flood legends in cultures around the Earth.  This is easily explained if all descended from these 8 people.  Legends most often have a basis in fact.  Grandpas and grandmas sat with little children on their knees and told them of the "Big One", back in the olden days.  Stories went from generation to generation.  But God, through Israel, totally exacted and froze the truth and facts in history by providing Genesis, written by Moses. This was due to God’s love for us. Otherwise, this great saga and significant event would be lost to us, or as foggy as the other 269 true legends.

It is interesting to note that since the account of Noah represents Jesus' return and judgment, even according to Christ's words, some numerical symbols come into play here.  God caused it to rain 40 days and 40 nights. Using Israel's jubilee periods, which last 50 years, multiplying those two numbers is 2000.  We have seen from past teachings that Christ returns at 2000, using God's timing and God's calendar, whenever that might be. The Ark of Jesus Christ's coming will fill up at 2000 years after the Cross and return of Christ to Heaven.  Jesus 2nd coming is an event likened to Noah and the Flood.  Many scriptural numerical keys point to the year 2000.  The Bible has dozens of clues. 

The Bible also makes it clear that Noah entered the Ark at 600 years old.  This seems to coincide with the number 6 which is the number of man.  God made man on the 6th day;  Isaac was 60 years old when Jacob and Esau were born.  Jacob became Israel, his name changed by God. (Genesis 25:26)  When Jacob (Israel) entered Egypt, to follow Joseph, his group was numbered at 66.  (Genesis 46:26)  The word, Israel, has 6 letters.  Romans is known to be the scriptural book of man, and it is the 6th book of the New Testament.  The word, Romans, has 6 letters. Satan's evil man will be known by the number 666.  All of these lead up to this one revealing potential scenario:  Christ will return at 6000 years. God chose the age of Noah to enter the Ark. He could have done it at 500 years old.  He could have done it at 700 years old. Noah was 600.  It does make one think, doesn't it?  I do not wish to start a numerical doctrine, but numerical patterns are miraculously all through God's Word, pointing to key events, especially the return of Christ.

The Winds Are Blowing

After the floodwater covered the Earth for about a year, God began to cause them to recede.

“And God made a wind to pass over the Earth, and the waters subsided.”  Genesis 8: 1b

When God causes a wind, you have seen some wind.  Insurance companies slander God and indicate that the destruction from tornadoes and hurricanes are “acts of God.”  But God does not do those.  Yes, He created wind, but it blows where it will, itself.   “the wind blows where it wishes..”  John 3: 8a.

When the wind is strong enough to kill or destroy, Satan and demons are behind it, and they can manipulate it.  Using the wind,  demons tried an assassination of the Son of God in the gospel account, in Matthew 8: 23-27.  Jesus rebuked the winds and the sea, and calmed the storm. Jesus was not rebuking His Father.  He was rebuking the evil behind the wind, and the wind itself.  He made it behave. The threat was over.  God did not cause the wind that day, and God did not send this year’s tornadoes that killed so many. God said, “thou shalt not kill,” and He is not in the habit of routinely breaking that law.  If believers realized that God was not behind killer tornadoes, and that Satan was, and they realized they had power over Satan, they might try using their faith and prayer to divert more disasters.

A hurricane or a tornado is a wisp compared to what God did after the Flood.  Those winds blew so hard, that Creationists say the oceans were made deeper, and many waters were pushed to the polar ends of the Earth, to cause the frozen poles.  That water had to go somewhere. God’s goal was dry land for the 8 remaining people to repopulate the Earth.  I know this sounds like a Paul Bunyan story, but it is the scripture, and certainly not too hard for the Creator of the Universe.  It is thought that after the Flood, a short ice age resulted. The water canopy was never replaced, and the tropical climate was gone from the Earth. Glaciers then moved around the Earth, creating different and confusing fossil formation, and those fossils might appear much older due to pressure and cold and later heat.  The cold-blooded dinosaurs needed a warm climate and could not survive extreme cold.  The ones that survived the Flood, which would just be a few, on the Ark, * might not have been able to survive the cold aftermath.  With the lack of water canopy, and the newly formed polar ice caps, the earth then also had newly formed deserts, and wastelands.  This made the Earth a much more severe environment. 

In many of the dinosaur fossil graveyards, like in Monument Valley, whole dinosaurs were found, in tact.  I heard a creationist say that if an animal died in the wild, like a dinosaur, nature has a way of disposing of it with first animals, then birds, then insects. Lastly, decay and dissolving would do away with the remains. But many whole dinosaurs were found, sometimes even the flesh fossilized.  Another interesting fact is that many dinosaurs were buried under something, like maybe mud, and many more were seemingly stacked on top of them, several high.  I know they did not have dinosaur cheerleaders who did body pyramids, but what does make sense is that dinosaurs were jockeying for higher ground during rising flood waters, much like the married couple I mentioned, and mass graveyards were created, preserving enormous quantities of whole dinosaurs in very close proximity.  The dinosaurs literally climbed on top of one another trying to survive. Mammal fossils have been found at slightly higher elevation levels by researchers, showing a higher intelligence and survival ability in mammals.

* How would you have a T-Rex dinosaur on the Ark?  Creationists suggest that baby dinosaurs were used.  This makes sense.  They would fit.  I know Noah was not stupid, and was guided by God.

Could Dinosaurs Have Co-Existed With Man?

The suggestion here is that dinosaurs co-existed on Earth with man.  Evolutionists state that dinosaurs died out about 65 million years ago.  Man came later.  But creationists believe that some even existed up to a few hundred years ago, and some may still be alive today.  There is a photo of Japanese fishermen and a sea creature caught in their net, dead, in 1976.  After snapping the photo, they threw the creature out.  The photo is authentic, and is of a real amphibian dinosaur, extinct, but not extinct, or they would not have found one.  I have seen the photo. What is one of these creatures doing in the ocean in 1976? 

Two cowboys in the Arizona desert in the 1890’s happened upon a huge flying reptile creature, at least that is what they described later.  They shot it, and killed it, and left it in the desert.  The description they gave sounded like a Pterodactyl, which has a wingspan of up to 20 feet.  As I have already shared in another writing, 100 years ago is quite a long time.  Much change can take place in that many years.  Could our ancestors have seen creatures, and not known what they were?  Science did not really begin to label and classify these creatures and their fossils until the late 1800s. This Arizona episode makes me personally speculate about the state capital of Arizona.  It is Phoenix.  That was a mythological bird in Greece.  Why did Arizona name their capital that name?   Could the Native Americans and local residents have been sighting these flying reptiles for centuries?   We know North America has been one of the richest dinosaur fossil fields.  I looked up the Phoenix, and found, from an artist’s drawing, it has a crest on its head much like the Pterodactyl.  Greek writers have said that the Phoenix really lived and existed about 500 years ago.  Is it an extinct creature?  Could it have been a reptile instead of a bird?  Whether in Greece, or Arizona, we may have had creatures with us up to a few hundred years ago. Could dinosaurs have co-existed with man?

This makes quite a bit of sense.  In the medieval times, lore was passed around about dragons, and huge creatures that the knights would slay.  Most legends have a basis in fact.  Some of the dragons were fire breathing.  Creationists have looked closely at a current day beetle that actually spits a burning acid like substance, and have deduced that God could have done this with other creatures also.  Can the fire breathing dragons of lore actually help creationists make the point that man co-existed with dinosaurs? 

Job may have spotted two dinosaurs in two different passages in scriptures. Creationists have looked very closely at these two scriptures.

“Look closely at the Behemoth, which I made along with you; he eats grass like an ox, see now, his strength is in his hips, and his power is in his stomach muscles. He moves his tail like a cedar,” Job 40: 15-17

This sounds like an herbivore reptile, eating grass, and moving his tail like a cedar.  Mammals simply do not have tails like cedar trees, but dinosaurs do. Hippos and elephants have very tiny tails. Behemoth was made with man, according to God, in the Creation.

“Can you draw out Leviathan with a hook, or snare his tongue with a line which you lower?  Who can open the doors of his face, with his terrible teeth all around? His rows of scales are his pride, shut up tightly as with a seal,” Job 41: 1-2, 14-15

This creature also sounds like a dinosaur. If it was something else, wouldn’t the scripture say so?  Why couldn’t these creatures be dinosaurs?  We know we had them in the past, because we have the bones. But could the dating of the fossils be wrong, and people did share this Earth with them?  The ones that may have survived into the 1800’s or 1900’s may have been a remnant that survived many other harsh obstacles.  One huge obstacle to dinosaur survival may have been man.  Man is clever, and when threatened, can unite and  dominate.  Even ancient man, with limitations, could have helped dinosaurs go extinct.  Consider this:  "that local dinosaur has just eaten one too many children.  Let’s form a hunting party and kill it.”  Man, for the safety of man’s families, might have terminated leviathan, the fierce creature. 

Creationists have even taken a look at Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, in a new light.  There have been hoaxes, but also supposed real sightings of this creature.  After viewing the photo of the Japanese fishermen, and their catch, as late as 1976, then one might rethink Loch Ness and a possible creature between 1920 and 1960.  Nessie hunters have wanted the truth, and this sensationalistic story will just not go away.  But maybe man feels instinctually that there is a truth in this story to be sought, for strange and wondrous creatures were a part of the past.

More Flood Thoughts

The Flood may have caused huge numbers of extinctions of species on this planet.  Creationists look at sedimentary rock formations laid over the Earth in layers as if they are water deposited.  Devastation from the Flood could have created the Grand Canyon, and also could have formed the coal deposits and oil deposits.  Often, fossils are found layered into the Earth's sedimentation layers, as if done quickly.  Flood geologists are finding huge evidence of the Flood, all over the Earth.  We have conditions inland that appear to have been formed by vast waters with no oceans nearby.

Hundreds have sighted the Ark, and now the American government has even gotten into the act, by snapping photos from satellites over Mt Ararat.  The late astronaut James Irwin led several expeditions, to no avail, but he was following clues of sightings of the Ark.  Many of those sightings are fairly credible.  Wood samples pulled from the mountain, have been dated back 5000 years.  The wood was found in areas where no humans lived, and no trees grew.  I have seen the satellite photos of interest, as this was shared on cable television, and there are a few very interesting photos of anomalies in the ice, and protruding from the ice. The local government, of Turkey, where Mt. Ararat is located, is quite guarded and restrictive of the research.  The search for the Ark is valid, and it should be there somewhere upon that mountain, in my opinion.

The Wooly Mammoth

I sat and watched intently as the Discovery channel covered “Raising the Wooly Mammoth” last year.  (2002) My interest almost seemed prompted by the Holy Spirit in my mind.  The scientists said these creatures lived 22,000 years ago.  A mammoth was found in a block of ice, almost fully preserved.  It had flesh, and hair on its bones. It was said by the attending scientists that it died in water.  It simply drowned.  The water froze and preserved it.  This was in Siberia.  As I watched, it seemed to come together.  Here is my theory:  The creature died 5000 years ago.  The Flood was the reason.  The cold of the Northern Siberia was why we get to see it in tact.  The scientists had their theory.  I have mine.  No one can say these creatures didn’t really live.  We in this generation now have one.  For some reason, they didn’t survive the harshness of Earth, brought on by man’s sin. They were magnificently created mammals.  It was awesome to see one more beauty of God’s creation, even if thousands of years late.  

Put It Into Perspective

I have thrown much information at you, and it is not my intent to cause you to create doctrines with the information, or to debate this information in an adversarial way.  Share this writing with someone and let that person glean from it what he or she wishes.  It is sensationalistic, and entertaining, and that may bother some people.  But Satan pulls no punches, in the entertainment area, so if we want to present the gospel, we should use every method to draw people.  I believe that we have been severely misinformed by science, and I am quite interested in new and future findings of the creationists. My mind is really open to their work.  My goal has been to create the possible and likely scenario for you that the Flood is provable, and that dinosaurs were real and did exist on this planet, as part of Creation, and they co-existed with man, in the short span of years the Earth has been here.  Dinosaurs did not roam this planet stalking and killing for eons of time, they did not get a chance to.  The Flood, and the ice age that immediately followed, and predatory man shut them down fast.  The sin of man and its ensuing curse changed the dinosaurs as much as it changed man, and they could not co-exist together.  Call it God’s mercy. The sightings of recent dinosaurs in the last 200 years, and the lore and legends which are probably true, as well as Job’s account of two creatures near early Biblical man, indicates that the dinosaurs were around the last 6000 years.  This is a huge concept, for it debunks many evolutionary theories.  Scientists call nature’s process of removing dinosaurs, “natural selection”,  I call it, “un-natural selection”.  Sin is un-natural, and God and man took the defiled and dangerous dinosaurs out of the equation for the sake of man.  For review, and to make this point, let me excerpt this next paragraph from The Ascent Of Man Part 2:  

“Evolution states the Earth has existed millions of years, and the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago.  But creation scientists have found serious problems with these theories.  Trees at Spirit Lake in Washington State petrified in a 10 year period after the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, in a process that was thought to take thousands and even millions of years.  This caused scientists to re-look at other things already dated and question dates of rock sedimentation, of fossils, and much more.  It seems our wonderful Earth and nature has a way of tricking us as to dates and times.  Even carbon dating was once debunked because a living mussel shell was read to be millions of years old by the carbon dating process.  But remember, everyone sets out to prove the premise of their bias, whether it be true or not.  We have a planet that can be proven to be millions of years old, with less than perfect methods, because our mysterious planet does not give up her mysteries easily, and many can be made a fool in the process.  In the Word, God speaks of stumbling blocks, which would trip up lost man, but His people would be able to wade through or to step over the stumbling blocks, through wisdom.”

End of Excerpt.


God has in mind an ascent for man, and I believe that finding the truth on Earth’s past and believing it is part of that ascent. God has a vast new mindset for us, where we remove our doubts and use our faith.  The Bible is true, and the Word of God stands as the ultimate authority for man to find out truth.  God is calling believers to be more intelligent, and to be more informed, and to be more passionate for the things of God.  But do not begin your search apart from Jesus, for He wants to be your guide through Earth’s history, and through your life.  Receive Him today!

End Of Part 4

White Fields Ministries

Next time:  The Ascent Of Man Part 5     Honing In To Heaven:  The Home Stretch! 

If You Have Never Received Christ!

There is a time for everything under the sun, and now may be your time to receive Jesus. God gave Him to you and I as a gift, and if you never do receive Him, you will miss out on the greatest offer and deal humanity has ever received. This is no accident here that you have read this ezine. This was a Divine appointment for your Divine destiny. God set this up and has led you to this point, so go ahead and seal the plan of God, for you, that is, and receive His Son, Jesus.  You must be born again to see the Kingdom of God.  (John 3:3)

Maybe you have only been away from God, but knew Him at an earlier time.  God says, "Come back child" and has arms extended open for you.  Get right in your life with God today!  You owe it to yourself.

Pray this:

Simply repeat this prayer aloud now: 

Lord, I am a sinner, and I need you.  Jesus, I receive you now.  You are God, and I recognize your death and resurrection.  Come into my heart, save me, and give me eternal life.  Forgive me of sin, and wash me clean of all unrighteousness. I am now your child, and I thank you for saving me. Thank you Lord.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

If you said that prayer from your heart, you are now saved and a child of God. The possibilities are endless here for your new life, but best of all, Heaven is settled for you!!

Watch for the next issue of White Fields Ezine, we are going to take this to new levels!  You will get this same chance to say this prayer if you did not this time, in every issue.

Greg Nichols


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